Friday, December 20, 2013

Dog for Sale - £15,000

Via source wire
Britain is known as a nation of animal lovers, however with over 100,000 dogs currently sitting homeless in rescue centres and foster homes across the country – is this really true?
Hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs bought at Christmas as presents are abandoned and given up in the New Year when the families routine returns to normal and the puppy finds itself unwanted.
This is a situation which has worsened over the years to the extent that animal rescues, who are already at breaking point, don't know how they will cope, according to, the UK's largest dog adoption site which works with more than 300 rescues across the country.
Responsible pet owners will spend around 15,000 pounds sterling(£) according to pet insurer Co-operative Insurance, over the course of a dog's life.
We're asking people to bear those costs in mind and to stop looking at buying a puppy at Christmas as a way to fill a void with a present for all of the family.
To put the costs into perspective,, has compiled a list of suggestions instead of a puppy - comparing the cost of a dog over its lifetime to other gift ideas.
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  1. Some dogs can cost you a lot more than that......

    1. ... and why is no-one surprised that it is you who tells us this?

    2. Well as you choose to hide your identity your comment is hardly worth the effort used to make it. Coward.

  2. morris is right it is a well known fact amongst dog lovers that some pure breeds cost more because they are prone to more illness/conditions than those dogs that are mixed breeds.