Wednesday, November 06, 2013

More Housing in Hainault
– the Reservoir Site

We were wondering when this would come back. The last we heard was in 2007 when “judith” commented “Given the ineptitude of Redbridge Council's Planning Dept - well known to both MH and myself at first-hand - we will not need to worry ourselves about this project for years to come”. And so it came to pass …

We received this email from Raven Communications today 6th November 2013.
Dear Barkingside 21,

Fairview New Homes are developing plans for a proposed residential development on the site of the former covered reservoir on New North Road.
Having discussed the proposals with council officers, Fairview are seeking feedback from local residents and businesses prior to the submission of a planning application. We have therefore arranged a drop-in exhibition, in the Doreen Ferris Room at the Hainault Forest Community Association, on Manford Way, Chigwell, from 4pm until 8pm on Thursday 7th November. We have sent a newsletter, which outlines Fairview’s plans, to almost 2,000 properties within a half-mile radius of the proposed development. This newsletter invites local people to attend the exhibition, discuss the scheme and provide feedback.
I attach a copy of the newsletter and would be very grateful if you could post it on your website.

Yours sincerely.
Lorna Byrne
Raven Communications
T: 07429 866550
Note that the exhibition is tomorrow, Thursday.

The Newsletter can be found here, but here’s the relevant bit:

The reservoir site is off New North Road between Yellow Pine Way and Hannard Way.

UPDATE 9 Nov 2013: We now have a PDF copy (4.8MBts) of the exhibition boards - click here to view.


  1. would be interesting to know how many dwellings on this site and the kelvin hughes site will be social housing rather than fobbing us off with the term "affordable housing" to make us think that they care.anyone know ???

  2. We now have a PDF copy (4.8MBts) of the exhibition boards - click here to view.

    1. Hmmm........pretty pictures but what, I wonder, will the reality be?

  3. I can only assume that the infrastructure for 98 new homes will be able to cope with all the added poo shooting through the pipes! - well, all this adds to the possibilities of flooding - less trees to soak up the excess water and again there will be the medical services under sufference of an overwhelming influx of patients. Still, Lidl will be happy!