Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Day at Café 104

A tale of Christmas present right here on our doorstep in multi-cultural Redbridge - from our ghost writer Alfred Marley.
What with energy companies lining their pockets as fast as they can, what with Tesco, Sainsbury’s and all the other supermarkets increasing their prices by the minute, what with parking charges being imposed merely to increase revenue and what with our benevolent government cutting benefits to the undeserving and the deserving alike, I was beginning to think seriously about emigrating to – well, almost anywhere. And then along come Shep and Ritchie to restore my fast disappearing faith in human nature!

Let me explain.

Those two very kind people run the 104 Café and Turkish Restaurant in Tanners Lane, Barkingside and I learned today that they are to throw open their doors on Christmas Day at lunchtime and, helped by many kind volunteers, provide a bumper Christmas lunch entirely free of charge to any of their elderly customers who find themselves alone on that day. They promise a warm venue, good food and great companionship and all at absolutely no cost to the diners. The only proviso is that quite understandably they do not have the facilities to deal with anyone with severe health problems.

Kick off is at 12 noon on Christmas day and going home time will be around 3pm. Obviously it will be first come first served and accommodation is not unlimited, but at the time of writing there was plenty of room.

For more information please call 020 8550 9563 and ask for Shep.

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  1. What a lovely thing to do. I have occasionally popped in for a coffee when I have shopped at Sainsburys and the staff have always been very welcoming, hats off to them this Xmas.