Monday, October 28, 2013

Remembrance Ceremony 2013
- Fairlop Waters

11 November 2013
Remembrance Ceremony

Fairlop Heritage Group extend a cordial invitation for you to attend our fifth Remembrance Ceremony to be held at Fairlop Waters Country Park at 10.45am.

This year will be a first:

The first time since WW2 there will be a sculpture to commemorate those who served at Fairlop airfields in two world wars.

The first time Fairlop Heritage Group has received funds (Olympic Legacy) for an extensive web site and teachers education packs. There will be an exhibition of progress made to date.

The first time research has revealed what should be a definitive list of names of those who will appear on the Fairlop Roll of Honour. It is my intention to read this list of names, which takes several minutes to complete and extra time has been allowed for this.

Because it is our tradition to commemorate one of the fourteen nationalities who served at Fairlop, we will commemorate those from South Africa, as the first to be killed in WW2 was Stephen Fawkes from Ladybrand, in Free State Province.

This year the Mayor of Redbridge and our Patron Lee Scott MP are coming and I hope that Harold Bennett, now age 92, first to fly operational from Fairlop, is able to attend.

Kind regards
David Martin


  1. It appears that a great many benefits have come to light since the Olympic Games took place as a direct result of staging them in the U.K. I for one never imagined there would ever any beneficial follow-up and I am very happy to admit I was wrong. The educational project is a wonderful idea. However efficient teaching history in schools may be these days, I tend to think pupils learn very little about RECENT events and I have always considered this to be an important omission, so any scheme which remedies this must be loudly applauded.

    Congratulations to David Martin on what would seem to have been an impossible task of finding all the names for the roll of honour.

    It nice to have good news about what has been for years a subject sadly and badly neglected by authority.

  2. what is that a picture of?

  3. Well done David - you have ensured that Fairlop Airfields will be remembered and not forgotten. Great work - you deserve a medal for your tenacity and enthusiasm.

  4. It's not a 'sculpture', B21. It's a controversy.