Sunday, October 13, 2013

How NOT to campaign against Traffic & Congestion

Earlier this year, on February 5th to be precise, the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian published a report on their website which referred to campaigners vowing to continue their fight against a plan to demolish “historic” buildings and build 32 new homes on green belt land abutting Roding Lane North. Although designated “green belt” it is, or was, in fact a brownfield site, which was the old Drapers Dairy.

It is curious that the same campaigners did not object to similar “historic” buildings (that is a 1930s built Dairy) a short distance away in Chigwell Road just off Charlie Brown’s roundabout also being demolished for housing development. We note that both these developments are now well underway and that the “historic” buildings are no more, and we are wondering what progress the campaigners have made in the meantime? Apart from complaining that the intervention of this blog had an undue influence on the decision, not that they were trying to influence the decision of course…

And since the objections were primarily based on increased traffic and congestion we are wondering if they are aware of another nearby housing development, at Hill House Chigwell. This development is on open green land (but we do not know if it designated “green belt”) and abuts Chigwell Road just outside the borough boundary to the north of Woodford Bridge. It comprises no less than 200 homes and I would imagine will produce a much more significant increase in local traffic than the aforementioned 32 homes, (which has to be adjusted due to the loss of traffic from its former commercial uses) including in Roding Lane North.

This is not the only housing development just over the border in Epping Forest District Council which affects those Redbridge residents living in the north of the borough.

There is another block of luxury flats almost complete in Manor Road just before the Bald Hind junction, the flats on the Bald Hind site itself, the Sheltered housing on the diagonally opposide corner and a little further along the road opposite Grange Hill tube station the former Garden Nursery is being turned into the Grange Manor housing estate with 85 new homes.

The thing is that traffic, er well, travels.

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  1. Quite right B21, the propsal for 200 homes at Hill House site will effect the people of Redbridge. Traffic from Manor road heading towards Charlie Browns, in the morning rush, regularly try to avoid the bottle neck at mini roundabout at Woodford Bridge by using Chigwell Road approach. They use Turpins Lane and Cross Road but find the build up along Chigwell Road is just as bad often worse, jammed to West Hatch school. It can take me 40 minutes from Turpins Lane to Snakes Lane some days (half a mile) another load of cars from these 200 homes (400 cars?) may actually reverse the Rat Run from Chigwell Road using Turpins Lane and Cross Road to join the Manor Road congestion trying to get to Charlie Browns and beyond? It may even tempt the occasional driver to chance going up Toms Wood Hill and reach Gants Hill, believe me I've considered it many times.
    The access road for this new development is almost opposite the Jolly Wheelers pub, How will they get out into a solid line of traffic other than force their way out, blocking the traffic and endangering the hundreds of children walking to West Hatch Sch on that side of the road.

    What I dont understand is This 50 acre plot was given to Epping Forest DC by ECC as a Local Nature reserve not that long ago. 50% of its area is an infill put there to deaden the noise of the M11. This infill all happen just 2 years before it was compulsary for records to be kept of what was being dumped. Survey teams are there finding out what the contamination is but according to the developers :-
    Meridian Hill (Chigwell) Ltd. (forgive me foir thinking this was a local firm.) show buildings on top of the nearest infill, wonderful view for them but whats underneath?
    Ron King