Friday, October 04, 2013

Blossom + Bees = Berries + Birds

June 2013

October 2013
Rather hoping to see the Fieldfares back again this coming winter. They like berries. 


Air pollution impacts on bees ability to find food

Traffic fumes make honeybees unable to recognise flower scent, study shows

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  1. To complete the circle, I hope that we are going to have a picture of the fieldfares feasting on this lovely berries and, perhaps, other birds too.
    It's so important that birds, bees and butterflies can rely on us to provide resources vital to their survival. I think that there are cotoneasters along Forest Road, near the roundabout, and they are well-kept in rather attractive large spherical spheres, which are smothered in berries right now. So, a feather in the cap of Vision?