Friday, September 13, 2013

Urban Food Fortnight

"This September, London will feast on the fabulous local produce being grown, produced and cooked on its doorstep. The second Urban Food Fortnight will begin on Saturday 14th September, at a host of different venues and settings across London with exciting events highlighting the amazing food being grown, produced and eaten in London.

Special ultra-local menus from some of London’s top restaurants, pop -up events, supper clubs in growing spaces and allotments, botanical cocktail nights, foraging walks and urban cookery classes are just a few of the planned activities.

Urban Food Fortnight is a collaboration between Ethical Eats and Capital Growth, London’s food growing network and is supported by Slow Food London and Grub Club." via Ethical Eats.

Click on the interactive map to find an event near you and …. Nothing in Redbridge.
Click on Edible Gardens Open Day and …. Nothing in Redbridge.

Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean there is nothing going on in Redbridge. It means no one has registered what they are doing on those websites. There will be a Harvest Festival Service at the Fullwell Allotments shortly, which I will publicise if a certain councillor gets around to giving me the details.

Judging by my Facebook feed lots of locals have been out and about foraging in places like Claybury Park and Roding Valley Park for the blackberries and other wild fruits of nature, plus those who have allotments delighting in the fruits of their own labour with a bit of help from the soil, sunshine and rain.

Then there is Matt and Mira who have been harvesting apples and pears from a certain Hainault garden, the owner of which paid the price with a visit to Whipps Cross Hospital, for their Cider making experiment. Don't worry, the apples and pears are safe.

And the Gourmet of Wanstead, one Cllr Paul Canal, is currently baking a locally sourced Cherry Pie to be entered into the Wanstead Village Show Cherry Pie contest. Paul is a keen supporter of competition and the free market so in line with his capitalist principles he has bought up all the cherries in Wanstead to ensure his is the only entry.

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  1. Hooray! At last we are realising that food can be grown in cities - on allotments, in gardens, on rooftops and even in window boxes. Perhaps when Redbridge OI gets going we can add our cherished borough to the list. Of course, if we continue to build on every available square foot of land, this project is doomed.