Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Top 10 bizarre calls to councils

Via Local Government Association: hat tip Dopeyf
  1. Are there any regulations on keeping a crocodile in my back garden? (Reigate and Banstead BC)
  2. Can you teach me how to use a chain-saw? (Chelmsford BC)
  3. Do you know where I could get an old bath that I could fill with custard? (LB Sutton)
  4. Can you send a pest control officer to remove a frog from the bottom of the communal stairs in my block of flats? (Crawley BC)
  5. Am I allowed to bury my horse in my back garden? (Warwickshire CC)
  6. "I've tried the number given on your website for the library but it doesn't work." "What was the number?" "0900 1800" "I'm sorry those are the times the library is open between..." (Surrey CC)
  7. How can I get permission to pitch a tent on the central reservation of the A35 trunk road? (Derby City Council)
  8. How do you make a marinade to put on my barbecue steaks? (Newark and Sherwood DC).
  9. A lady rang to say she couldn't get any reception on her TV. She'd already contacted the police and the fire brigade but they couldn't help, so she called the council (Rossendale BC).
  10. Can you remove all porn from the internet? (Westminster City Council).
Here’s some more.

Dear Cllr Prince,
Can we have the top 10 bizarre calls to Redbridge Council please?

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