Thursday, September 19, 2013

The dubious “Green Agenda”

For the Record
Barkingside 21 is a non-aligned group. Our membership covers a broad range of political opinion and some of our members have stood for council in past local elections representing the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green Parties. Some of them have even been elected at which point we did not encourage them to renew as this might cause a conflict of interest. I expect there will be some more in May 2014 and we may have to let some of them go.
We were set up by Redbridge Council in 1997 as an Agenda 21 group so it is hardly surprising that we have an agenda, questionable or otherwise. All agendas are questionable, their survival dependant upon whether they stand the test of evidence based scrutiny. Our agenda is Agenda 21 - in summary sustainable living for the 21st century or not abusing the life support system that sustains our existence on this lonely third rock from the Sun. Since sustainability is a key green feature it is also hardly suprising that the group is run by advocates of the “green agenda”, dubious or otherwise.
In 2010 our blog was voted number 4 in the Best Green Blog category in a Total Politics poll and we were at number 35 in the Best Left Wing Blog poll. We have no control over how others categorise us but we are aware that “green” is perceived by some unenlightened souls as being “left”, particularly in relation to “watermelons” as opposed to “limes” so we are less concerned about this than the general condition of left wing blogging that put us at number 35.

So, to a little round up of recent “green” press reports from across the political spectrum:

London's 'booming green economy' driving recovery
According to the report, this growth is predicted to continue until the end of the decade by approximately 6% per year, which it claims supports the Mayor's goal of London becoming one of the world's most sustainable cities by 2020.
Welcoming the findings, the Mayor of London said the report proves that cities taking climate action can expect economic growth.
That’s the Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson being quoted there.

Cars should be banned from high streets to help shops and encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transport, a minister has suggested.
He cited Cambridge as a city that has benefited from having a pedestrianised centre. “Cambridge has got a situation where it has got the lowest empty void rate of shops anywhere in the country, it has got unemployment dropping fantastically since 2010,” said Mr Baker.
He also suggested that higher parking fines could be used to deter drivers from coming into city centres.
That’s Norman Baker the Liberal Democrat Transport Minister being quoted.

bike sales overtake cars
Bike sales exceeded those for cars in all but 4 of the 23 European countries we looked at (those were Italy, Spain, Belgium and Ireland). The biggest gap was in the UK where in 2011, 1.3 million more new bikes were sold than new cars were registered.
Ting ting went the bicycle bell for whom it tolls.

And our new "green" pocket park in the High Street, paid for by the Conservative London Mayor, is beginning to take shape ...


  1. We mustn't overlook David Cameron's boastand pledge that he would lead "The greenest government" ever.

    Or was he talking about some of his Ministers' abilities?