Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Choice is Yours

“When change is done to people they experience it as violence; when done by them they experience it as liberation”  Beth Moss Kanter
Our Renewable Future via Climate Radio
Can we power the UK and the world using renewable energy and wise energy use? Yes we can! is the answer given by the latest iteration of Zero Carbon Britain and the newly produced Two Energy Futures report. We explore these alternative energy scenarios in detail in interviews with Alice Hooker-Stroud, research co-ordinator for ZCB at the Centre for Alternative Technology and Danny Chivers, a lead author on TEF.
We’re standing at a crossroads. It’s time for humanity to make a choice. Do we sit back and allow fossil fuel companies and oil-friendly governments to dig, drill and frack us into a dark and dirty future? Or do we stand together with communities around the world to stop these extreme energy projects, and head down a different path into a safer, fairer energy future? – Two Energy Futures
The latest version of Zero Carbon Britain features two new pieces of research. The first addresses the variability of supply and demand and what we need to do to keep the lights on in a 100% renewable energy scenario. The second is about how we feed ourselves well, using the land available to us in the UK.
Two Energy Futures takes the Zero Carbon Britain blueprint as its starting point along with mainstream figures for the amount of harvestable renewable energy that is available globally. It contrasts this cleaner, fairer energy future with the best scenario that governments and corporations are currently offering us – a world full of extreme energy and catastrophic climate change.
So, it’s party conference season again. The Liberal Democrat Party has done a complete about turn and now supports Nuclear Energy and Fracking while UKIP brands people like the above as “eco-freaks”. I am advised by a local Ukipper not to read dodgy dossiers like those above …
there are thousands of these guys out there making small and large fortunes lecturing on all this stuff, writing books, etc. ... get paid subsidies to build these wind and solar farm machines which produce virtually no electricity and cost a fortune... A video of one climate change geek just means there's a thousand more waiting to replace him ... "me, me, my theory next!". Which one do you believe? Why not look out the window and use your own eyes? You don't have to be a clever clogs or a genius to know we are all being conned. It's 7 billion+++ people that are destroying the planet not CO2 or Climate Change and look at the evidence, and look outside at the real world, at the environmental destruction ... THAT'S EVIDENCE ... don't look in lots of vested interest "dodgy dossier"s
Well, I could go and refer to the research on population but that is also probably funded by people with a vested interest and therefore one of those dodgy dossiers. So I will look out the window and think for myself.
What I see is a very unequal world where very few rich people are plundering the earth’s resources and causing all sorts of environmental damage and a great many poor people who are hardly a burden on the environment at all simply because they cannot afford the things that the rich people can. Some of these poor people are lucky enough to be exploited as cheap labour to supply the products the rich people want but which the poor cannot afford.
So the problem is not the size of the planet’s population, the 7 billion. If 5 billion poor people suddenly disappeared through famine or natural disaster the problem would still be the same. The problem lies with the few rich people who are over consuming and living non-sustainable and very wasteful life styles and who are responsible for the pollution in our atmosphere which in turn is causing Anthropogenic Global Warming or Climate Change. You cannot pump that amount of CO2 into the atmosphere and expect it not to have any impact or effect.
The next question is how do we lift all those poor people out of poverty (so they don’t have to migrate) while maintaining a healthy life support system otherwise known as our environment upon which we are all dependent and which does not stop at border control. The answer and the key of course is sustainability and localism which is what Agenda 21 is all about. Of course there are some who think that Agenda 21 is evil and a global conspiracy of vested interests designed to con us just like AGW or CC (I’m not going to link to them but if you want to know just Google). Or maybe those people are resisting change (as so ably observed by Machiavelli in The Prince) because they have a vested interest of their own. Of course UKIP do not have a vested interest nor do they use “research” funded by vested interests like Big Oil to debunk Climate Change Science or alternative energy futures. Oh no they wouldn’t do that, would they?

As I have said, it is your choice and you get to exercise it not just at the ballot box, but every time you spend money.

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