Monday, September 30, 2013

Swimming Pool Bollards

Last Saturday, 28th September 2013, a group of over 50 people attended a black tie event to mark the 5th anniversary of the passing away of Ilford Swimming Pools (that’s plural, there were two pools there). Redbridge borough now has only one pool located in Barkingside High Street, to serve nearly 300,000 people. The congregation gathered outside the site of the old pools, the building had stood derelict until recently when it was demolished to make way for a new (free) primary school. Where the children who attend that new school will learn to swim we do not know.

The old pools were in the Ilford South parliamentary constituency – here’s Mike Gapes MP statement on the subject.

I also noticed some rather nice shiney new bollards.

UPDATE: Here's the report and pictures in the Ilford Recorder. And here's another report on the same subject this time in Seven Kings and on Sunday.


  1. When it comes to this council's shameful record on swimming pools I am not sure that "bollards" is quite the right word.

  2. I was there - and you could spot me in three of the photographs in this week's RECORDER! Well done John Sharrock for your tenacity in keeping at the Council on this subject. Both Officers and Councillors should hang their heads in shame for not realising years ago that the Seven Kings Baths had a time limited existence. They should have started putting money aside. It is a shameful disgrace that 300,000 people have one pool only.

  3. It is a disgrace that we only have one pool which as a regulat swimmer we are constantly making way for the children which I do not mind as the schools need this recreation but the lanes are out of use for the public and the situation will only worsen now .

  4. I am gratified to learn that Mosheraf Ashraf (letters 10th October, Ilford Recorder, page 10) and the Seven Kings Conservative Group were present at the Saturday demonstration organised by John Sharrock on the lack of swimming facilities within the LB of Redbridge. I can also report that the leader of the Council, Keith Prince, turned up albeit too late to be in the picture.

    However, in their eagerness to show “solidarity” and “work together” they forgot to tell Mr Sharrock, the swimmers’ association or announce to those present on that Saturday that another event on the same subject had been organised by them for the following day. They obviously informed the Ilford Recorder and the Leader as he can be seen in the picture on Sunday.