Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Greenway through Fairlop Waters
Phase II

We have been reporting on the Redbridge Greenway project for some years now and we are gradually getting there. Earlier this year, in March to be precise, Phase I of the upgraded pathway through Fairlop waters (linking the lake path to the Painters Road public footpath) was completed. See photo below.

We now learn, via that man Ron Jeffries again, that Phase II is about to start. Sustrans, who were responsible for Phase I, have now gained additional funding from the Bank of London, otherwise known as Transport for London (TfL), (the body that run out of funding for a lift at Newbury Park station) to complete the other section of the greenway path continuing it across Fairlop Waters to the Station Road access point. This is the road that runs over the railway line from Barkingside Tube Station where you will find the Oakside Stadium, home of Barkingside Football Club, complete with a bar that sells real English Ale and bacon rolls on match days.

The new path has been designed to avoid conflict with the new haulage route for aggregate extraction and once this is agreed with Larfarge-Tarmac, contractors can be appointed and construction begin.

The plans for the new path include a wooden bridge to open up access to a viewing point for the paradise lagoon, where you will be able to gaze upon Barkingside sunsets, and there will also be a short section of boardwalk to take the path across a section of low ground near a seasonal pond which is usually flooded during winter. During construction of the path the opportunity will be taken to extend seasonal ponds – under guidance from the excellent Nature Conservation Team – to improve the habitat for wildlife, particularly the endangered left-wing crested newts who are currently not talking to each other let alone mating.

The works should be finalised in late November, weather permitting, (and we know what happened at Hainault Forest Country Park last year) and will provide a fully accessible path from Station Road to the South East corner of the lake path, via the Painters Road entrance.

For those with a map fetish there is a PDF file here which you can zoom in and out of at your will. The file name is “T8-L-FW-00B Location Plan” which obviously means something to somebody, but I don’t know so please don’t ask.


  1. What is the proposed surface? What of horses and wheelchairs?

    1. I expect the surface to be an orangy mustard colour like that shown in the photo, except for the boardwalk parts which I expect to be a browny colour like wood.

  2. looks good mr b-side 21 do hope that it gets proper advertising to make sure it is used well.

  3. will the 462 bus be running along forest road so I can go to the cemetery .thanks

  4. i am sure it will one day when it has to serve the "community" when it has a new centre on the old LT site whichn is being built and they require a transport service.

  5. Great news! At last, it seems, I will be able to cycle to Fairlop Sailing Centre conveniently, instead of being more inclined to take the car. Also, I'll be able to take my Mum in her wheelchair, walking from home or Station Road, which will also be great.