Sunday, September 08, 2013

Do More (£££££££s) in Redbridge

From Alfred
I have just received a copy of ‘Do More In Redbridge’, presumably published by Vision on behalf of the L.B. of Redbridge. It’s a worthy tome packed with information about what’s going on locally during the autumn and it’s worth more than a glance but what especially caught my eye were the four pages devoted to the ‘Amazing Autumn at Valentines Mansion’.

A great many of the activities in the book are free of charge but at Valentines Mansion they appear to be trying singlehandedly to solve the problem of the National Debt!  Quite apart from the fact that it will cost you £4 for the opportunity to spend your money at the Christmas craft fair, as you begin to digest the cost of the various activities on offer the adjective ‘amazing’ becomes increasingly appropriate. The most reasonably priced – although those are hardly the right words – activity would appear to be the glass workshop at ‘only’ £28 a shot (including materials). To be instructed how to paint a watercolour in Valentines Park will set you back £29 and you’ll need to bring your own equipment. A two day crochet course (I promise you this is not a joke) ‘for absolute beginners’ – and evidently for those with deep pockets – will relieve you of forty quid and to be shown how to make a ‘fabric brooch’, whatever that might be, will cost you another thirty smackers.  ‘Helping you to create two beautiful flower arrangements for your home at Christmas’ will find you shelling out £29 of your hard-earned and the daddy of them all, ‘How to make a beautiful clutch bag’ will cost you a whopping great £51 (that’s not a misprint) yes, £51!  You could buy three beautiful clutch bags for that kind of money and probably have enough left over to hear Mike Gapes speaking (read on).

Where do they find these massive fees and who actually pays them?

Oh yes, and finally, if you want to hear local M.P. Mike Gapes in October talking about ‘Life at Westminster’ (by definition that will be a short talk unless he actually found some) it’s going to cost you a tenner for the privilege.  Are you really that hard up, Mike?
Editor: I’m sure Vision RCL will be delighted that someone has actually read their booklet and is publicising their events here on the Barkingside 21 blog …


  1. lt is a sad reflection on Redbridge, that Google can provide a rooftop swimming pool and a running track for 5000 employees in their projected new Headquarters in Kings Cross,whilst a borough of 270,000 people closes swimming pools and running tracks and stadiums leaving only one Swimming pool in the borough.there is not even a entry in the long term capital budget to build a new one, it will never be built if it is not in the budget, even if it is put in for 10 or 15 years hence, then at least there is something to plan for, perhaps instead of employing the economics of the inept, we should actually be doing some meaningful Long Range Planning instead of long range wish lists.

    1. Such is the nature of government financing of capital projects - both local and national - that a "capital programme" is rarely more than a wish list.

      The only financial year of reality is that immediately following the making of a budget, ie decisions made in March for the year commencing 1 April. All others (whether for 3 years ahead or 8 years ahead) are capable of deferment on review.

      Illusion might well be the appropriate description. Watch out for the budget to be made next March. It might well include some provisions for 2 or 3 years ahead - prospects held out just weeks before the council elections only to become "deferred" 12 months later.