Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Big London Energy Switch

Press Release from Redbridge CVS

Energy switch could reduce residents’ bills
With autumn and winter just around the corner, and energy prices rising year on year, the Big London Energy Switch is giving Redbridge residents the chance to cut their bills. You have until Tuesday 15 October to sign up to a new scheme to get a better deal.
The second round of the Big London Energy Switch (BLES) is now open, meaning Londoners can club together to try and get a better deal on energy prices.
The BLES is a collective energy switching scheme which is being organised by councils across the Capital. The scheme works by using the buying power of many residents to attract lower energy prices from energy companies.
Residents have to register and then the organisation running the scheme approaches energy suppliers. The supplier who offers the lowest tariff can offer it to those who have registered.
Participants will be contacted with information about the best offer and the savings they could get by switching. They will then have the opportunity to switch to the energy company if they choose.
Those who have registered their interest will be under no obligation to switch their energy company if they are not happy with the offer. There will be no third parties involved once the switch to the new company has taken place.
The last round of the scheme in April saw more than 2,000 Redbridge residents sign up. They will also automatically be offered a price through the next auction whether or not they accepted the offer they received.
For more information visit Redbridge i and search for the “Big London Energy Switch”. To register visit
Editor: Of course price is not the only consideration. Reliability, customer service and ethical sourcing of the product are also key issues. See Ecotricity for example.

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