Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Magic Roundabout on Woodford Avenue
lobby your Assembly Member

Regular readers here will be aware of the long running problem with U-Turns (both legal an illegal) and illegal use of the emergency access part of the width restriction at the Claybury Broadway end of Clayhall Avenue.

The problem is two fold. Traffic cannot turn right at the bottom of Roding Lane North into Southend Road because it is a dual carriageway and similarly traffic cannot turn right into the South Woodford Trading Estate or Roding Lane South from Southend Road. So they turn into Clayhall Avenue to do a U-Turn causing traffic congestion and gridlock due to the other traffic waiting in the queue to exit Clayhall Avenue. They are effectively jumping the queue to exit Clayhall Avenue which does nothing to calm those drivers observing from further down the road and whose blood pressure sometimes leads them to overtake the queue and push in by using the emergency access part of the width restriction which does nothing to calm …. you get the picture.

This problem is about to get worse, a lot worse. In case you haven’t noticed there is a new school extension being built on what were the playing fields of Beal High School with a new access road from Woodford Avenue half way up the hill, or halfway down if you’re coming from Gants Hill. This new complex doubles the size of Beal High School which means an extra 1200 pupils. Exit from this new access road is left turn only so anyone wishing to go in the direction of Gants Hill will have to find somewhere to turn around. Guess where? I can even predict that some arriving from the Charlie Brown’s roundabout direction and who wish to turn right into that road will do a Uee in Clayhall Avenue then onto Roding Lane South and Woodford Bridge Road, then left and left again rather than go to the Beehive roundabout and come back.

What is to be done? Well, while the councillors of Area 3 and 4 have been stroking their beards (metaphorically of course) and wondering what to do, our excellent Highways Officers have been busy. Area 4, who are not meeting again until 2014, considered this at their last meeting and it was referred to Area 3 yesterday, Wednesday 25th September. Here’s the relevant paragraph (4.5) in the report.
Officers have raised the issues of Clayhall Avenue with Transport for London (TfL) who are responsible for the A1400 Woodford Avenue. They have agreed to add this to their traffic review programme and consider options of alternative traffic controls at the junction with Clayhall Avenue, which will remove the need for traffic to u turn in Clayhall Avenue. One option is for the provision of a roundabout at the junction and TfL have agreed to carry out a feasibility study but as yet cannot indicate when this is likely to take place. Highways Officers will continue to lobby TfL on this matter and Members will be kept advised of progress.
As you can see it is not a matter for Redbridge Council, the A1400 is a Transport for London controlled road and it is they who would have to set the priorities and provide the funding and therein lies another problem.

At the meeting Cllr Poole, who we suffer gladly on bollards, described the roundabout idea as a “eureka moment” to which I responded it is a “swimming pool moment” as we and local residents have been asking for this for at least 10 years.

You will note that our officers are lobbying TfL and I would like to ask readers here to do the same, via our Assembly member Roger Evans who you can email here, an egg whisk is optional.


  1. Email Roger Evans? Don't make me laugh!!

    1. OK. Write to Roger Evans at
      City Hall
      The Queen's Walk
      London SE1 2AA

    2. No difference - he still won't reply.

    3. OK. Telephone Roger Evans' office on 020 7983 6576 and ask for an appointment.