Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Wind Turbine doubles as Strimmer

This new wind turbine features a patented ‘tilt’ mechanism which provides significant maintenance cost savings and also safeguards against damage in extreme wind conditions. It also cuts the grass.

Developed by Orenda Energy up in Scotland this product is aimed at farmers, large acreage landowners, and wind park developers and investors who are a bit short of cash and wish to generate some revenue via a reliable wind turbine designed for rural sites in FiT incentivised territories, providing best-in-class financial returns.

Large acreage land owners – Redbridge Council – Fairlop Waters
Short of cash – Redbridge Council
Looking for new revenue streams – Redbridge Council
Short of Vision – Redbridge Council

The blurb:
This revolutionary turbine has been designed for the farming/agriculture and rural/landowner communities who can optimise financial returns by utilising local Feed in Tariff (FiT) incentives. Orenda’s Skye™ turbine has a fully integrated hydraulically hinged tower, designed to be lowered and raised by one operator using a wrench. It has its power pack located in the tower base and the company claims this innovative technology makes Skye the most durable and efficient medium wind turbine currently available.

Moreover, its patented ‘tilt’ mechanism has been designed to alleviate the need for extensive and costly maintenance with servicing carried out ‘in-situ’ – a vitally important measure in hostile terrain or rural environments where there is little road access for cranes or heavy lifting gear. From a health and safety perspective, there is no need to climb the tower and hence, no need for a climbing certificate.

In the rare event of extreme storm conditions, such as tornado or hurricane, the turbine can also be tilted and lowered to the ground thereby offering a degree of asset protection, rather than be fully exposed to the elements. Whilst the Skye turbine features a raft of technological innovations integrated into the design, its core functionality ensures responsible operation, ease of planning and enhance aesthetics on the surrounding landscape. Its turbine blades provide quiet operation in all wind conditions and its sleek, ergonomic design will blend unobtrusively into its surrounds, which will appeal to farmers and landowners alike.

Steve McMahon, VP Sales and Marketing for Orenda Energy Solutions comments; “The launch of the Skye 51kW wind turbine marks the arrival of Orenda into the UK wind renewables marketplace. Our research and development work focuses on best-in-class applications, so we’ll continue to innovate and create the most advanced small and medium wind turbines available to the farming, landowning, rural business and investor communities.
The Skye turbine is designed to help users generate best in class financial returns from the government’s Feed-In Tariffs. It also helps safeguard against rising electricity costs and provides an excellent return on investment.”


  1. "Developed by Orenda Energy up in Scotland ..."

    Are you sure about that?

    Then why is the contact number for the quoted press release very obviously a North American one ...

    Sally Prosser
    Phone: 613-686-1677 Ext. 222

    Ah! could this be the reason ...?

    Mailing Address

    Orenda Energy Solutions
    4 Fifth St. W., PO Box 634
    Morrisburg, Ontario, K0C 1X0 Canada

    1. Their UK telephone number has a code of 01355 which is East Kilbride.

    2. Ah! So just because they have a telephone in Scotland the statement must be true ...!

      You usually want much stronger evidence than that to support your posts!

    3. What more evidence do you want? A Postcode? It's G75 0QF

    4. I have no doubt, and never did, that they have a presence in Scotland.

      What I was querying, if you look, was the statement that the device was developed in Scotland rather than, say, Canada, from where the press release emanated.

    5. What you are looking at is a page on a website. It is not a press release.
      The Press Release I received by email came from Livingston in Scotland.

  2. It appears to be an American Company with apparently a Dealer in Scotland

    Address:Waterside Farm Glasgow Road Galston, Ayrshire KA4 8PB
    UKVG Energy Waterside Farm Glasgow Road Galston, Ayrshire KA4 8PB UK,Phone. - 01563 829 990, http://www.vgenergy.co.uk -