Saturday, August 24, 2013

Waste Less – Live More

Waste Watch is organising the second national Waste less, Live more Week, which will take place between 16–22 September 2013. Wasting less and living more is all about rethinking how we live our lives in ways that reduce our environmental impact whilst improving the health and happiness of ourselves and each other. It’s about connecting with the environment and people. The campaign website is here.

The theme for 2013 is Better food for all. There are huge benefits for society and the planet if we eat better and waste less food:
  • The environment – food has one of the largest environmental impacts of any sector whilst over 1/3 of food is wasted; many people in the west eat too much, or eat unsustainable diets.
  • People – much of the food we throw away is good for us – fruit, vegetables for example make people feel happier.
  • Society – the food thrown away in Europe and North America would be enough to feed all the hungry people in the world three times over. Food waste increases food prices and increases the risk of food poverty.
The week will consist of a whole host of activities and events, some run by the sponsors and others by partners. As usual Barkingside 21 has nothing planned – we do things in our own time. But we might just give another plug to Organic Ilford or persuade Mira to have a home made Cider tasting event.

Over the week Waste Watch and Keep Britain Tidy will be organising:
  • A major food waste conference: Better food for all
  • Screening / Q+A of the acclaimed feature documentary: Taste the Waste
  • The Waste less, Live more Week challenge – a daily activity for individuals, communities, schools and businesses to commit to.
The Campaign Aims to:
  • raise the profile of organisations working to increase wellbeing and address social and environmental issues
  • build collaborations and relationships with and between like-minded organisations
  • influence stakeholders, funders and government about the importance of tackling social, environmental and economic issues simultaneously
  • make specific calls to action for government, funders and other stakeholders
The Key Messages are:
  • What’s good for the environment is good for us
  • We can all live better without consuming more
  • Social, environmental and economic issues are intrinsically linked and must be addressed as such
If you would like to get involved, as a group or individual, then keep an eye on their website or just drop them an email for more details.

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  1. I've been boring everybody in earshot about this for years.

    We have taken our eye off the ball when it comes to what we eat, how it is produced and the environmental cost of getting it to us. Of course we must import the foodstuffs we cannot grow here - I would find it very hard to do without coffee, or oranges, or wine for that matter - but to bring green beans, asparagus, strawberries etc. from the four corners rather than enjoy them when they are in season in England is lunacy.

    I have commented on the industrialisation of food in reply to the post about the soup run in Antwerp so I will spare you a repeat, but the level of food waste in the Western world is a disgrace. What we have to remember is that it suits the food manufacturers (observe the oxymoron) to let us waste half the food we buy as that means we buy twice as much. Where else would we behave so stupidly? Would you put 30 litres of fuel in your car and then pour another 30 litres down the petrol station drain? We need to teach our children the true cost of the food we consume and perhaps this wanton waste will reduce.