Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Redbridge Councillor talks Bollards!

Bollards to be reinstated at Hainault junction after man’s fence ‘destroyed’ by drivers - Ilford Recorder

Trapped in her own home: Careless drivers leave disabled Hainault woman stranded - Ilford Recorder

Just think about this.

What is "street clutter" if it is not parked cars?

What is it that impedes the free flow of traffic (including pedestrians on the FOOTWAY) the most, if not cars parked on the highway/footway?

Pedestrians ARE traffic! People who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters are traffic. Pedestrians pay tax! Pedestrians have a right to have their safety considered in an appropriate manner.

Here are some examples of street clutter doing the job for which they were intended ...


  1. The crossover is a classic example of ignored street clutter. They create a very poor pedestrian experience with continual changes of level. The idea that a front garden is a parking space is strange - it actually privatises the public highway outside the parking space, is mathematically a very poor use of limited space and is ecologically appalling because of flood risk.

  2. Don't know about a load of Bollards, more like Tommy Cooper policy making...."They could be like this, or they cloud be like that. No they're like this". Erected, dismantled, erected. Just straight farce, but three, yes three, bites of the budget. Under any circumstances this would be disgraceful, but coming from the party that is preaching austerity and restraint to the rest of us it is the clearest indication possible that policy in Redbridge is kneejerk policy totally bereft of analysis and planning.

    Superficially it looks like Cllrs. Poole and Griffith didn't appreciate the consequences of their proposal...but this was an Area Three Committee decision that was an agenda item and voted on. Voted on three times. That means nine, yes nine, councillors failed to ask pertinent questions and voted like sleepwalking sheep.

    Does the same happen in Cabinet?