Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Area 3 Councillors and 2014 Wannabes

Are you sitting comfortably? Are you in a rush? If so, please return immediately after your daily 20 minute meditation session. If you are too busy for a 20 minute meditation then please meditate for at least 1 hour.

I would like you to consider the impact that a 400% increase in sales in Barkingside High Street and Manford Way shopping parade would have. That’s doubling trade and then doubling it again. What would be the effect on the local economy, employment, the range and quality of retail outlets in those locations and the general well being of the local community?

Do you think it would be a positive or a negative thing to happen? You do? Would you like to know how to do it? Well, here’s how.

You take away all the parking spaces outside the shops and replace them with dedicated cycle lanes.


Now that you have got off the floor and back onto your chair I will repeat that just in case you have misunderstood or are having a severe dose of cognitive dissonance.

You take away all the parking spaces outside the shops and replace them with dedicated cycle lanes.

Here’s the evidence.

From Streets Blog Network via Biking Toronto

The council officers I speak to have known this for some time but unfortunately it is you who make the decisions - like the one to improve bus flows in Barkingside High Street by providing even more car parking spaces which has just resulted in more congestion and actually hampered bus flows at peak times.

To repeat a comment on that blog above:

Restaurants & bars and smoking bans, anyone? This argument sounds SO familiar. “You can’t do that, we’ll lose business…oh, wait.”

This also ties in neatly with Air Quality and Health

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  1. Dedbridge Council has a different way of doing things. In Manford Way they extend the footway along the service road to a point where they lose half the parking spaces. This creates a "shortage" of parking so that demand exceeds supply, thus justifying the future introduction of pay & display that has been so firmly resisted for the last 3 years.