Monday, July 08, 2013

Update from the ‘Save Oakfield Site’ Campaign Team

We have collected over 1,000 signatures (sign here) and this is a great start, but it is only the beginning. We have also attended Redbridge Area 3 Committee and Redbridge Cabinet Meetings and delivered a clear message that these proposals are damaging to the community, unjustified and unpopular.

Attached is a leaflet (PDF) which will be delivered to 1,000 homes which shines a light on the Council proposals, explains the impact this will have on you and above all what you can do about it.

Full Council Meeting, 18th July Ilford Town Hall 7:15 pm

Last month we attended the Redbridge Cabinet meeting and sent a clear message which took the Council by surprise. It is essential we follow up. This meeting is attended by ALL councillors and is the best opportunity for 2 months to make ourselves heard and put our case.

Every person who attends makes a difference. Every person who puts themselves forward to speak makes a difference. This means you. Don't leave it to someone else.

The allotment holders in Redbridge beat similar plans against severe odds because they made their case but above all stood up and participated. We have more numbers but we need the same commitment.

Arrive by 7pm leave by 7:30pm. We all have an investment in something special and we all have a lot to lose, this is time well spent.

Let us know if you can attend and if you plan to speak! email

Let us know if you want to help save these fantastic facilities for our children and stop the destruction of our Green Belt and our Olympic Legacy.

Thank you and together let's Save Oakfield Site

SOS Campaign Team


  1. I expect no stone has been left unturned but if there the slightest possibility of a covenant on the land?
    We were advised to look for this possibility for the allotments but could not find any mention of covenant in the Land Registry search.
    Perhaps somebody has looked into this. If not?

    1. I seem to remember that there was a clear covenant attaching to the (former) Lord Rowallan's gift of the land at Cricklefield. The existence of the covenant does not seem to have inhibited the building of a school there with the consent and connivance of our municipal pirates.

    2. This land, as you know was willed by Lord Toms to the local residents to be used purely as a recreational site and, although it is a flood plain, drainage was put in about 30 years ago - has this been considered? Should housing etc. be built on this site, no doubt flooding will be a major issue as concentration and over-use of the land and surrounding area's infrastructure will be saturated.

    3. Doesn't seem to matter a jot to the deaf lunatics at the Town Hall. They seem to tear up covenants, agreements, and even contracts of employment, with impunity.

      Only 297 days to go.