Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Surface Dressing

This is a new one on me. I have seen the road contractors scrape off the tarmac road surface, it’s about an inch thick, and replace it with a new one. I have seen them lay a new tarmac surface on top of the old one. But I have not seen them apply a “Surface Dressing”. This appears to be a thin layer of liquid tar covering both road surface and road markings, such as double yellow lines, which then have to be re-instated. I am not sure what to make of it, viz what value does it serve?
Enter Google. Aha! The process entails spraying the road with bitumen and covering it with granite chippings, after which the road is then rolled, which along with the action of the traffic, embeds the chippings into the surface.
Surface dressing provides added protection to the carriageway surface as well as enhancing the skid resistance, making it safer to drive on.
At least that’s how Leicestershire County Council do it, (nothing on the award winning Redbridge-i) and they also sweep up the excess chippings, wash them and recycle them. Maybe when I walked along Roding Lane North this afternoon there had just been a mass sweep up for there wasn’t any evidence of any loose chippings to be seen.

What this process does not appear to do is to fill the major cracks (see picture above) to prevent the winter weather getting into them and producing potholes. However, this difficult and additional part of the process is labour intensive and as labour has become so expensive these days due to the minimum wage imposed upon us by the EUSSR (spit!), not to mention the living wage which fortunately our financially prudent and excellent Redbridge Council has rejected and who have also shaved 25% off the council budget without anybody noticing (but not a single %age off Council Tax) - which just goes to show what a bunch of wastrels the previous lot were. Oh wait!

And of course Redbridge and the UK does not have an unemployment problem and there’s nobody on job seeker’s allowance or benefits any more (ATOS has seen those scroungers off good and proper) then I guess we don’t really have the manpower to carry out this particular function. We certainly don’t want any more immigrants coming here, clogging up our NHS by doing unnecessary jobs as Nurses, Phlebotomists, Porters etc., draining our public finances and living in sheds like our Geordie friends did in Germany back in the 1980s (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) do we? (Sarcasm Alert, just in case)

This is what would be known as preventative maintenance but the economic and political benefit of such action is sometime in the future and after the next elections.

Surface Dressing”. Doesn’t that just about sum it all up?


  1. the people who get the most benefits are the people in "part time" or "self employed work" those who cost the least are the working,the disabled and the elderly,the they all have to pay for the services they use too....fact I think that people are misled into thinking that the latter cost the most they don't,,,,take a look at the amount of money people get on working tax credits and also how easy they are to get.they have less children too.thus using less yes surface dressing is true

  2. Its perfectly obvious, the reason is to reduce the particulate pollution in the air, its sticks to the sticky tar, therefore removing it from the air and reducing the pollution below the EU maximum level, thereby saving some of the 2million deaths a year from air pollution(but dont worry quite a lot of them are Chinese)

    1. blimey,they needs lots and lots on the b-side roundabout this is one of the worst spots in Redbridge.