Wednesday, July 03, 2013

One Step Forward …

And while we are on the subject of access to public amenities, we hear from the Seven Kings and Newbury Park Residents Association about another photoshoot in Aldborough ward, this time at the weekend on Saturday 13th July 2013 at 10:15am to highlight the lack of step free access at Newbury Park Tube Station. See their flyer here.

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As many of you maybe aware from press reports in the Ilford Recorder, the Seven Kings & Newbury Park Residents Association has launched a campaign lobbying Mike Brown, Managing Director at TfL and seeking support / intervention from Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to complete the abandoned step free access lift installation works at Newbury Park station.
We believe that this issue should be non-political and everyone should come together whatever party they are associated with and stand together to show the strength of feeling from residents, commuters and visitors to the station that not having step free access at such a busy station with high usage and footfall is unacceptable.
As many of you are aware Crossrail has recently announced that it will abandon the step free access at Seven Kings station leading to no step free access for both communities. For a transport system to have no step free access in the same area 2 miles apart in the 21st century is unfair, particular for people that are disabled and in wheelchairs, have trouble walking, elderly, mums, dads and carers with prams and pushchairs and those that have heavy luggage.
For the above reasons, we are inviting all of our members, local residents groups, interested parties, Councillors from all political parties, MPs for Ilford North and Ilford South and the Redbridge London Assembly Member to attend the above photo shoot to demonstrate unity in the campaign to highlight the dire need for step free access at Newbury Park tube station.
The photo shoot will be covered by our photographers, media representation present on the day will be from Ilford Recorder and Wanstead & Woodford Guardian. A radio interview will be broadcast by Time FM radio, which covers Redbridge, Havering and Barking residential areas.
Mark Kennedy
It appears that in correspondence with the SK&NPRA, Transport for London have denied that it was ever their intention to install a lift at Newbury Park Station. Step forward one Mr Ron Jeffries who produces correspondence with TfL, signed by the then Managing Director, from the 2009 debacle reported here on this blog, and referring to “the main work on installation of the lifts at Newbury Park had not [been undertaken]

Meanwhile Transport for All have complained to the Advertising watchdog about Crossrail using the word “accessible” in their blurb. Today we note they have removed that word and the word “convenient” from their mast header on their twitter account …..

I am not sure where we are with the long running saga of the lift at Chadwell Heath Station which was, and probably still is, “not operational” due to lack of staff …


  1. Residents can email their London Assembly Member at

  2. I wrote to the MD of Tfl on 26th June 2013 - to date no reply! This is the text of my letter:

    Mike Brown Esq., MVO
    Managing Director
    London Underground
    Transport for London
    55 Broadway
    SW1H 0BD

    Dear Mr Brown,
    I am advised that in your letter of 20th February 2013 to Peter Robinson of the Seven Kings and Newbury Park Residents’ Association you have stated that the work at Newbury Park Station in 2009 did not include the construction of lift shafts, but that the work involved the clearing of contaminated land and reconstructing a section of wall.
    With the greatest respect, may I suggest that whilst I would not wish to accuse you of blatant lies and downright untruths, you are being more than somewhat economical with the truth in making this statement?
    I would refer you to correspondence between Richard Parry, Managing Director, London Underground, Transport for London (I assume Mr Parry is your predecessor in that post) and myself in 2009 and 2010.
    To make matters clear I have printed references to lifts in bold italic.
    In a letter dated 21st December 2009, Mr Parry states: “Although some preparatory and enabling works had, as you say, been undertaken, the main work on installation of the lifts at Newbury Park had not, and it is that which would have incurred much larger further costs. This is money that, as the poster displayed at the station stated, we simply do not have available at this time, for the reasons set out above.
    “We will not leave Newbury Park station in a state of disrepair. The platform wall will now be rebuilt with a render finish in a colour to match the adjacent brickwork. We expect this work to be finished by February 2010.”
    This makes clear that preparatory work had been carried out on installing lifts – so how can you now say in your letter of 20th February 2013 that it was never the intention to install lifts? Tfl would hardly carry out preparatory work on something they did not intend to complete!
    Further the section of wall to which you refer in that letter only needed reconstructing because Tfl’s contractors had demolished it to allow them to construct lifts.
    May I also refer you to Mr Parry’s letter dated 3rd February 2010 in which he writes:
    “Unfortunately, the downturn combined with the increase in costs due to Metronet’s failure meant that we had to review the affordability of some projects that were already underway, including the lifts at Newbury Park and five other stations across London.”
    Again, lifts are mentioned, so how can you now say that it was never the intention to install lifts at Newbury Park?
    I would appreciate your response and look forward to hearing from you.

    I copied the letter to the Mayor of London, but the Comedian has no replied either!