Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Better Late …

Last week on Tuesday 25th June a group of patients (and councillors) posed for a photoshoot outside the Spearpoint Doctor’s Surgery down in Aldborough Hatch. The surgery is due to be closed and relocated on the King George Hospital site the other side of Eastern Avenue (A12). See report in Iford Recorder.

photo courtesy of Andy Walker
The thing is that Doctor’s surgeries are supposed to be local, i.e. within walking distance. It is written that we mostly use health services when we are very young, pregnant or elderly (or even ill) – precisely the times when we are least able to travel or negotiate crossing a 6-lane highway at traffic lights on foot, not to mention the air pollution we are exposed to while waiting for the lights to change or the discomfort when there is no public convenience available.

There are rules about average distances to bus stops and libraries and there used to be a similar rule about primary schools and A&E units. It seems the goalposts are moving again. However, they have got Ron Jeffries to deal with this time … I wouldn’t want to be them.

And if you, like me, noticed who was missing in that photoshoot, here they are, pictured campainging at the weekend. Cllr Hatfull and young Padawan John Howard. Anyone would think there is an election due.

photo courtesy of @RedbridgeLabour
It is alleged that they couldn’t make the shoot because they were propping up our failing economy by doing productive things at work and generating income tax for that nice Mr Osborne to spend on things like er, well not Doctor’s surgeries. It had nothing to do with not wanting to be photographed with Conservative councillors Clark, V Cole and Kissin or the renegade Health Campaigner Andy Walker.


  1. Labour councillors get censured by their local parties if they co-operate with cross-party campaigns, as poor Cllr Walker found and referenced on his blog. Doubtless this is why the two hapless Labourites in your photo kept their distance? A very sorry state of affairs given that we elect our representatives so that they can work together in the public interest...

    1. One wonders why you bother to remain anonymous, Anonymous.

  2. I will be speaking at the Council Meeting on 18th July regarding the Surgery at Spearpoint Gardens. At least three residents have still not received a letter from NHS England - and I await a reply to my letter to them, too. I also copied in the PM and Secretary of State for Health - but neither has even said thank you! I guess they are all busy watching tennis!

    1. Whether or not it's tennis, Ron, they're certainly making a balls of it.