Sunday, July 07, 2013

A Video message for the Prime Minister from Mr Bubbles

Barkingside 21 were at the Fairlop Fair yesterday enjoying the sunshine, the company, the music from Redbridge Music Lounge, the beer from our local Brewery, the Ha’Penny Brewing Company, and of course traditional bacon and beans. We were blowing bubbles using bicyle power connected to MIRA (Magnetic Induction Rotary Appliance) which generates electricty to power the disco bubble machine.

It was also the 65th Birthday of the National Health Service (actually I think it may have been Friday) so Mr Bubbles, aka Emmett2winit_ took the opportunity to send a special R2D2 video message to that nice Mr Cameron because we all know the NHS will be safe in his hands, and will not fade and die like the other bubble reliant elements of our economy, innit.

Video Production: Mira Vogel
T-Shirts via Unite/Unison with free membership to Ilford North Labour Party.

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