Friday, June 21, 2013

“Summer is Here” – say Redbridge Police

Well, it’s chucking it down with rain again so it's just as well that Redbridge Police remind us that it is summer and to give us advice on crime prevention while we are out enjoying the sunshine at the many outdoor events here in Redbridge.
Summer is here and its time to relax. For some that means enjoying the sun and open air and Redbridge has outdoor events and festivals this summer to suit everyone.

We want you to enjoy the events and take home happy memories. To help you do this please consider in advance what you are taking with you. When you consider bringing expensive electronic items, cameras and valuable jewellery think to yourself, do you really need it that day? Or, can you leave it at home? If you really have to bring them, please use the lockers provided at the site or keep your valuables on your person at all times. Otherwise, Don’t Bring It!
We have put together our Top Tips on how to have a happy festival and not become a victim of crime.

Before you go.
  1. Property mark your valuables (especially your sleeping bag) with your postcode before going to the event. If it is lost it is easier to reunite your property with you.
  2. Register your mobile phone’s IMEI number with your service provider who will be able to bar its use across every network should it be lost or stolen.
  3. Register your mobile phone’s details at the Immobilise website
  4. Download an app such as Find my iPhone which will help track any lost or stolen phone.
  5. Leave your credit cards at home. Only carry as much cash as you might need for the day and spread it across your friends so that if some of it is lost or stolen you will always have access to some money.
On the day
  1. Be aware of your surroundings; don’t use your mobile to text and take photos until you are sure it is safe to do so.
  2. Do not flash your items around as this could tempt a pickpocket. Keep them hidden and not visible on a lanyard or strap.
  3. Don’t carry mobiles, cameras or money in your back pockets - you cannot see what is happening behind you.
  4. Make sure you place your items in front pockets with zipped openings to prevent belongings being snatched.
  5. If you take a bag with you for your belongings chose a zipped one that you can wear across the front of your body.
Please check with the welfare tent for any lost property before reporting it to the police. There will be a large number of police officers on duty during the festival event in Hainault, including plain clothes officers to help deal with any eventualities.

You can contact police on 101 for non emergencies. In an emergency call 999.


  1. Ilford and Romford have been crowned the UK's top car crime hotspots. This has been released today.
    What are the police doing about it that is what I want to know?

  2. A bit of a tenuous link I suppose but for those interested the latest stage of the former Parks Police and Redbridge Council, who unceremoniously and joyously sacked them, is before the East London Employment Tribunal on the 15th July. I wonder what this has cost LBR with all the nice barristers etc they brought to their corner.