Friday, June 21, 2013

Redbridge Tech City

This is a guest post from Khalid Sharif.

I have a real desire & passion to turn Redbridge into a technology hub encouraging tech startups. Love to see it become a centre of innovation and creativity and have something like a Fairlop Waters Technology Park firmly in our borough strategy. Redbridge has a lot of people who work in the IT industry. Many travel out of the borough into central or the wharf and I'd rather we had a vision to bring more business and jobs into our borough.
I have a tech startup myself and instead of having an environment to work from in the borough I have to travel to other tech areas such as the impressive Google Campus. There are big initiatives in Greenwhich and Hackney. Waltham Forest is kicking off as well and Croydon is trying to be UK's second Tech City. When I launch my startup in a few months can I not have the same support to launch it in my own borough?
We already have people meeting regularly to talk tech and I'd like to see lots more people gather each month and you can help spread the word.
I'd really like people from these areas to get together:
  • Local residents involved in tech through work, research or just interest
  • Local entrepreneurs who have set up tech companies in or out of the borough
  • Local tech businesses
  • Local Angel investors who would invest in local startups
  • Heads of IT at local schools.
  • Redbridgei members & Councillors/officials interested in tech
  • NHS Trust Technical teams
  • Barnardo's and other local charities IT teams
  • Basically anyone with an interest in seeing Redbridge becoming a techhub / techcity.
The kind of initiatives I would like to see in the Redbridge TechCity (#REDTECHCITY) are:
  • Regular talks from industry players and local startups
  • Formation of a borough fund for startups
  • Hacking competitions
  • Work experience for local students in the tech startups
  • Training in partnership with local college
  • Networking sessions & skills exchange
  • Coworking spaces
  • Providing mentors for startups
Anyone who would like to get involved or be updated can register at

Regards, Khalid

Editor: At the moment the website is just a sign up page for those interested. The first thing you see on that page is an iPhone with a picture of Ilford Town Hall on its screen which does not convey “vibrant” and “tech” to me. So the first job is to come up with something relating to Redbridge that does. I had thought of the Egg Whisk at Gants Hill as being fairly close to the geographic centre of the borough and quite iconic but the problem is it’s not there yet – which is hardly a symbol of getting things done. Any ideas will be welcome.


  1. Great idea would love to get involved!! =] your link is throwing up a 404 error though.

    1. That's a good start innit. I will ping Khalid on Twitter

    2. Twas my fault. Now corrected.