Thursday, June 13, 2013

Multi-Tasking and Right First Time in #Redbridge

A few days ago the residents of Marston Road acquired a new water feature – a fountain and a new river. This was the result of a burst water main erupting through the surface of the road and spewing gallons of water which flowed down the road and was too much for the first drain so carried on to the second and third.

To be fair Thames Water responded rapidly. The Hole Diggers arrived the next day to dig a hole in the road and expose the offending piece of water pipe. They then left leaving a hole full of water overflowing into the aforesaid river. On the next day the Pipe Menders arrived and repaired the pipe leaving the hole in the road and exposing a large pothole a couple of feet away where the water flow had washed away the tarmac.

On Tuesday the Hole Filler Iners arrived and filled in the hole making a rather neat and tidy job with the surface tarmac, but completely ignoring the adjacent large pothole that the problem had created.

As you can see Independent Fullwell Cllr Harold Moth took the opportunity to get himself onto the Glum Councillors site which records sad faced councillors pointing at things. The pothole was “repaired” early the following morning, but it’s not up to the standards of the workmen who filled in the hole the day before. You can see the cracks around the edges and I do not expect the repair to last long.

Meanwhile in Chalgrove Crescent. Back in January, in the snow, a car misjudged the bend and knocked down a lamp post and two garden walls. Presumably the snow covering obscured the central white line and “SLOW” markings that were arranged by Cllr Moth under delegated authority and at my request. The lamp post was replaced but not in the same position. Normally lamp posts are positioned towards the edge of the kerb by the kerb stone. Not this time. It was replaced about midway between the kerb and the front garden wall of the fronting property. I thought it was rather odd but did not say anything. Anyhow, something is going on and I suspect the lamp post is being relocated to its original position. I shall be keeping watch on what happens.

At this point I will remind readers of this post back in June 2010.


  1. Shades of "The Gas Man Cometh" by Flanders & Swan.

    1. or even Flanders & Swann

    2. Don't be so modest - identify yourself.