Sunday, June 09, 2013

Designing out Air Pollution

Here’s an interesting piece flagged up by Barry. These honeycombed facades are designed to hoover up air pollution. We already know that vegetation does this and the greening of Fullwell Cross roundabaout as part of the Better Barkingside project should hopefully make a difference to the air quality in that area. These though are based on another piece of nature – sponges and corals.

“In response to the priorities that have been set by the EU Clean Air Strategy 2005 to reduce pollution deaths and pollution-related damages, Elegant Embellishments has developed prosolve370e tiles, which are coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2) to neutralize air pollutants. The tiles can be positioned near sources of pollution and, when installed on a facade, can serve to direct natural light into a building and reduce wind flow, thus generating turbulence that improves distribution of air pollutants across the surface of the tiles.”
See the full piece here.

And here is another picture of a vertical garden, this time in Swindon, courtesy of Adrian Windisch. A prize of a years free membership of Barkingside 21 is offered to the first Barkingside High Street trader who can tell me what’s missing in this High Street photo.


  1. Cars are missing, but look how few pedestrians there are!

  2. Meanwhile in Holland, Dutch scientists invent pavement that eats smog ...

    These use Titanium Oxide whereas the above uses TiO2.

    However, as has been pointed out by Mira there are some who argue this is merely treating the symptom and we need non-polluting alternatives to tackle the problem.