Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Campaign To Save Our High Streets

Reversing Community Decline

It’s been a long journey, but we’re now in a position where people and councils can use the Sustainable Communities Act whenever they need to! This is great news for the Act, and we’re grateful for all your support. In order for the Act to work, we need to use it. The time has come to start submitting proposals.

We’ve got a few actions that you can do to help make this happen, and the first step is to get councils to submit the proposals. So what are you waiting for?

One such is the plan for a supermarket levy which would be used to help local communities.
  • Supermarkets lead to local shops closing
  • Supermarkets take money out of local communities
  • Supermarkets lead to fewer local jobs
  • Supermarkets harm the environment
  • Supermarkets rip you off
  • Read the detail here
Large supermarkets have a devastating impact on local jobs, the environment and local businesses. It seems like there’s no stopping this juggernaut from tearing apart communities. The good news is, the Sustainable Communities Act could hold the solution to reversing this decline.

If councils were to ask for the power to impose a levy on supermarkets, with the money going back into the local community, they would be in a position to help communities. The Sustainable Communities Act can help your council get this power.

Please write to your councillor(s) asking them to submit the proposal for a supermarket levy.

Many thanks,
Steve Shaw
National Coordinator, Local Works


  1. What a daft notion! Redbridge Council wouldn't know what to with a supermarket levy if they had one. Clueless.

  2. They certainly would know what to do with it, increase the Town Clerk and his management teams' Salaries and Councillor Allowances

  3. Yup. Sounds par for the course. I was thinking of high streets when I wrote they wouldn't know what to do with the money.

  4. Unfortunately it isn't just supermarkets. In Ilford we're about to see the closure of Owen Clark's stationery and art materials shop, always a place with a good service and pleasant staff. The reason is probably competition from a branch of a stationery chain now in Ilford. A supermarket levy would not have helped Owen Clarke, even if it might help others.

    Ironically, we've seen an explosion of smaller fruit and veg shops in Ilford town centre, we have more choice of food supply than ever. A lot of retail success is to do with the general prosperity of an area and thanks to recession Ilford is not what it was.

  5. It also does not help matters when (as in the case of Evans shop in Ilford High Road) the landlord increases the rent by a large amount. They are now sharing a spot inside Bodgers Im told.

    Also the Owen Clarke closing was to do with the owners retiring I heard