Thursday, May 23, 2013

Warm Weather Security Tips – Redbridge Police

Well, Redbridge Police are not the Met Office so perhaps we can’t expect them to notice that it’s not exactly “warm” at the moment ….

Now that the warmer weather is here, you want to enjoy it. It means working in the garden, enjoying sitting on the patio and opening windows later in the evening. We want you to enjoy it too but sometimes we leave our rear gates unlocked or forget to put gardening tools or patio furniture away. A burglar could take advantage of this lack of security but, with a few simple steps, residents can prevent themselves becoming a victim of crime.
Redbridge Police’s Burglary Squad offer residents the following advice:
  • Lock your gates, windows and doors
  • Double lock your UPVC doors, by lifting handle and turning the key.
  • Keep your tools in a secure shed or garage.
  • Think about anchoring valuable garden furniture to the ground.
  • Fit movement sensor to the rear of your property.
  • Do not leave ladders out to provide easy access to otherwise inaccessible parts of your house. They should be chained and padlocked to a strong post or wall.
  • Fit suitable locks to your garden shed
  • Fit mortice locks specially designed for garage doors that close into the side frame.
  • Security mark all valuables that you keep in your shed or garage i.e. bikes, power tools and garden furniture.
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And by the way, if you are camping in Redbridge please make sure that your bench is firmly secured to the ground, that there is adequate lighting to deter thieves and do make sure that you security mark your sleeping bag and food parcel – somebody might nick them

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