Thursday, May 09, 2013

The New Redbridge Mayor’s Facility

As is customary on this blog at this time of year we welcome the new Redbridge Mayor. This year we have someone we can bank on to get the banks of the River Roding upgraded to prevent flooding and to facilitate (make things easier) all manor of activities in the voluntary sector. We have none other than Roding Ward councillor Facility Felicity Banks (pictured right). Her deputy is Barkingside Councillor Tania Solomon (pictured left).

We look forward to seeing her at one of her first engagements at the Valentines Mansion May Fair on Saturday. I’m wondering if she will turn up in this again?


  1. "Will she turn up in this again"?

    Ah, yes - the miniature version of a corporation dust cart.

  2. Let's hope she doesn't interfere with the River Roding. Ignorant councillors in Redbridge have already caused untold damage to the river and wildlife and caused flooding downstream. The river runs through water meadows (downstream now) which contain their own unique plants. These meadows flood in winter. By concreting the banks of the Roding, councillors have pushed the flooding elsewhere and deprived us of rare plants and living creatures. Kingfishers can't nest in concrete banks. Nor can water voles. And there is an orchid which will become extinct if its roots aren't flooded annually.

    The only people who benefit from this loss are the land-grabbers who make money out of destroying natural habitat.

    I thought Barkingside was supposed to be green and eco-friendly. Learn about water meadows. Check out the meadow reservation in Epping, downstream from Redbridge. Educate our ignorant councillors. Don't suck up to them!

    1. If you read the reports, Ian, you will find that they have now come to their senses and are looking to let the river flood into areas (meadows) where it can to reduce the risk of flooding in built up areas. A lagoon has already been created just north of Ray Park but as you say, the canalisation does limit the possibilities ...

    2. I think you should undertake a more detailed research Coxsoft. Then you will find that the canalisation was the work of the one-time Department of Transport consequent upon construction of the M11, and that there has been subsequently no small measure of interference from the Environment (sic!) Agency.

  3. Well we on the Friends Committee would be delighted to see her - I presume by dustcart you are referring to her vehicle?

    Well done Tanya as well

  4. When you see it look at the shape and livery of the vehicle and you will see exactly what I mean. But I doubt that she will be using that monstrosity.

    Enjoy your year ladies.