Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch Trust - Launched

Apparently, as part of the new London Policing Model, all London Boroughs have been directed by MOPAC, the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, to set up a Borough wide Safer Neighbourhood Board and a Neighbourhood Watch Association.

We don’t know, but we suspect that the Safer Neighbourhood Board will replace the current Redbridge Police Community Engagement group, unless someone changes their mind again …

Many of you will remember that Redbridge did have a borough wide Neighbourhood Watch Association some years ago, set up at the instigation of the local Police and then disbanded at the request of the local Police. The posts on this blog referring to that RNWA were removed some time ago, so I can’t link you to them but there is another local blog which you may find by Googling “RNWA”.

This time the idea is for the RNWT to be truly independent (from the Police) and to gain charitable trust status. An executive committee and co-chairs were elected at the inaugural Annual General Meeting on 21st March 2013, and they have now agreed their name, constitution and working arrangements as well as launching a new website containing all sorts of relevant information for local community groups and watches.

graphic designed by Debbie

The trouble is that the Police can’t (or won’t) pass over the details of the current co-ordinators due to the Data Protection Act, which is a bit silly because most co-ordinator’s details are public domain (how can you co-ordinate if people don't know who you are or how to contact you?) and the Police (MOPAC) are the ones who want the RNWT in the first place. This is where you come in. We know that quite a few watch co-ordinators are also members of Barkingside 21 so we are asking you to get over to the RNWT website and register for membership.

Of course, you don’t have to be a member if you don’t want to, but I think it is advisable to be in the loop and take advantage of the services and support they hope to deliver shortly, and it would be nice if watch co-ordinators were part of the process which defines that support, i.e. what you want/need.

It is also worth noting here that the new RNWT is open not just to Neighbourhood Watches but any community group with an interest in reducing crime, target hardening and/or enhancing their local environment (designing out crime).

For further details contact Mark at RedbridgeNHW@london.com


  1. Thank you B21. Despite a few minor hiccups we are certainly striving to pave the way for a 21st Century invigoration of Neighbourhood Watch. Hopefully we will be able to dispel the "curtain twitching" reputation of old and help people in Redbridge realise the way forward is to look out for each other.

    Some expect the police to be some form of omnipotent presence, that just isn't reasonable.
    We have a good strong policing team in Redbridge that should be recognised and supported by everyone living here.

    We recognise too that being a coordinator is not to everyone's taste, so we've designed the website to be available to all, whether they are in an NHW scheme or not.

    Tenants too, you may not have a permanent residence in Redbridge, but the criminals don't distinguish who they steal from,or whose cars they take or damage, why should you live in ignorance?

    Note to Editor: No more RNWT please :>), we've had enough acronyms to last a lifetime, Redbridge NHW is as abbreviated as we'd like to be.

    1. Ah yes the 21st century ...
      Printing a newsletter - 2p
      cost of envelope - 2p
      cost of label 0.5p
      Cost of 2nd class stamp FIFTY pence

      email - PRICELESS

  2. Indeed, a classic error made by many businesses, as demand drops, ramp up the prices to maintain your income.

    - Never has worked and never will.

    Still, until they work out how to sell Coffee over the internet...