Sunday, May 05, 2013

Redbridge Country Gardens

A short film made by Mira ...

And another garden not too far away ...

If you wish to enter the Redbridge in Bloom competition you can do so here.
The competition is open to residents and businesses within Redbridge or you could nominate a garden you think is visually stunning.


  1. Something really needs to be done in Redbridge.
    People in this area are ruining the area by concreting over beautiful green front gardens.

    The council need to set conditions on people moving here.
    The condition being, that,if buying a property in Redbridge then owners have to keep 40-50% of their front gardens GREEN.

  2. There is no help for this. Most of the houses in Barkingside were built in the 1930's when the majority of households did not own a car. Now almost all households have a car and many have two or three. Add to this the yellow lines all around the area and the only way people can park their cars without incurring parking fines is on their front garden.

    We should be encouraging people to use the kind of paving which allows rainwater to percolate into the soil beneath and to leave the corners, where the car wheels do not need to go, either as soil or as planted pots. This is the best you can hope for, until we run out of fossil fuel and re-green our front gardens so that we can graze our horses.

    1. And when we get back to large numbers of horses we'll have magnificent roses and superb rhubarb again.

  3. Everyone wants nice things to look at in the neighbourhood, right? Why not make a bit of space for plants? I don't think this is entirely or even mostly about cars - I think it may be about time, know-how, and perceptions of cost.