Saturday, May 11, 2013

Celebrity Bubbles

Despite the forecast for rain the weather held out for the Valentines Mansion May Fair this afternoon and we took our MIRA (Magentic Induction Rotary Appliance) along for a ride. This is to demonstrate how bicycle power can be converted into electricity to run a Disco Bubble machine, amongst other things.

Here (below left) we have someone who must have felt at home as he usually spends his Saturday afternoons at Upton Park supporting West Ham United, soon to be renamed West Field United when they move to Stratford. Alas we could not persuade the elected Member of Parliament for Ilford South, Mike Gapes, to generate something more useful than hot air on our bicycle.

We did get Councillor Shoaib Patel (Valentines Ward) our Redbridge Cabinet Member for Environment, Transportation and Crime (I think that means reduction?) to generate some bubbles though.

And our newly elected and game Mayor Cllr Facility Felicity Banks was also enticed to saddle up ….

As was our former Fullwell Ward Police Sergeant Andy Hobson, now with Valentines, who took the opportunity to work off the effects of those special recipe donuts available in the canteen at Barkingside nick.

Apparently Iain Duncan Smith MP was also there and was last seen disappearing down Cranbrook Road on a Penny Farthing budget ...


  1. all that effort and getting nowhere ???????????????,

  2. Is there a small solar panel system which could be used to generate bubbles too so that the quantity of energy produced by man or woman and sun could be visually compared ?

  3. I'm forever blowing bubbles...............