Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who needs UKIP?

When we have a ConDem government who, like King Canute, think they can defy science and nature?

Not only do they ignore the science and proceed to blame Badgers for the results of industrial farming methods they ignore the evidence on the effects of pesticides on Bees.

May 2011

My pyracantha will be blossoming shortly and I need bees to pollinate it so the birds can feed later this year.

Well done the European Union.

Defra Unfit

UK Government Failed us on Bee vote

Victory for Bees


  1. The UK does.

    It's certainly Cameron, Clegg, and Rentagob Clarke who look like the "loony fruitcakes" today.

  2. or the "Looney Centre" to go with the "Looney left" and the "Looney Right"