Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Redbridge Police Partnership
- Message re: Public Access

I have just received a Partnership Message via Redbridge CVS which was circulated by the Borough Commander “last Monday” when MOPAC released their Police and Crime Plan. The message outlines the implications for Redbridge in terms of public access in the borough. I am not sure if Liz means yesterday morning or the week before?

MOPAC developed the Police and Crime Plan which has now been published and is available as a .pdf file. The plan is the product of borough by borough consultations and a survey of over 4,000 Londoner's. It aims to achieve improvements in police detection of crime and confidence in policing whilst reducing costs and is London’s first Police and Crime Plan and will be implemented in April.

The plan proposes new performance targets - which are described as the "20:20:20 Challenge". The targets are:

  1. To reduce "key neighbourhood crimes by 20%, which means up to 250,000 fewer crimes"
  2. To boost public confidence in the police by 20%, (up to 75%)
  3. To cut costs by 20% by delivering £500m savings.
It contains a great many elements which will require radical change in the way in which policing and crime prevention and reduction are delivered and consulted upon in London and this includes both the topic of the reduction in the Police Estate and the development of the MOPAC Safer Neighbourhood Boards and Ward Panels.

MOPAC have also now published their estate strategy Policing and Public Access in London - click for access. The headlines are that the MOPAC plan is to close 63 Front counters from an original total of 136. MOPAC have also published a London wide map of retention and closure and also an individual summary - by borough - of the proposals. The Redbridge report and map is also available as a pdf.

I hope you find this information helpful.

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