Monday, April 01, 2013

Redbridge Council go for Lego on Building Design

New rules being introduced today by the Redbridge Planning Department will require developers to submit their designs using Lego. They are following the lead of Architects Natalie Hewitt and Mark Carr who have already shut down their expensive 3D software - and turned to Lego for “understated inspiration”.

Underway are planning applications using the legendary kids building kit for several schools, houses, an office block and town centre planning schemes including Barkingside - and they say Lego has introduced a new element of semi-reality into their work. “Councillors on planning committees often have trouble understanding computer-screen concepts, but they can instantly relate to Lego and imagine exactly what they will be getting,” said Natalie. “And when they’re happy with a design we can simply break it down and use the building blocks again.”

The business partners, who set up their practice, Hewitt & Carr in Cheadle, Staffs only a year ago, already have three staff. “We brought some Lego into the office and now everyone uses it”, said Mark. “We’re thinking of building up a library of Lego house profiles for quick reference”.

Once again Redbridge Council are in the forefront of innovation and it has not gone un-noticed by Eric Pickles who, we understand, is to introduce legislation to roll this practice out across the UK under his ‘localism’ agenda.

Gary Diamond, who recently closed down his toy shop (Toyology) in Barkingside High Street said he was gutted and “I just didn’t spot this emerging market”.


  1. April Fool! Gottcha again! We oldies are up early!

  2. I agree that councillors on planning committee do indeed have difficulty with computer concepts, so I see the arguement being made. But if they have trouble with a two dimensional screen, we really do have to question their ability to fully grasp a model with a THIRD dimension added. And how will the Lego models display cellars etc. especially when confronted with an application involving an "iceberg" concept? I forsee many teething problems.

  3. is the april fools joke the fact you suggest we have a planning department?

  4. Can the more subtle features of large sheds in gardens be fully and amply illustrated by lego?

  5. Redbridge - the Toytown borough?



  6. Talking of planning did Resident's of Wensleydale Avenue and Chalgrove Crescent and surrounding vicinity know that these roads were once addressed as being in 'Claybury Park Estate' and Lord Avenue and surrounding Roads were addressed as The 'Parkhill Estate'

  7. the way that the changing rooms in Penrith park/queen II playing fields on forest road look i think this is a true story.....