Thursday, April 11, 2013

Janet wants some Men

Our man at Redbridge Age UK was doing a stint on the phones the other day when one of the staff asked if Barkingside 21 could do them a favour.

They are trying to get a group of men aged over 60 to attend a focus group hosted by a male GP to discuss men's health. There will be no women present, so any and all aspects of health important to men of that age group can be discussed. It will probably be in May.

Interested men should phone Janet at Redbridge Age UK on 020 8220 6000.


  1. Oh, gawd: smoking, drinking, and brewer's droop.

    1. Two out of three for both of us then.

    2. Didn't realise you'd given up drinking......

    3. Didn't realise you'd started smoking ...

  2. Thanks for the fun, chaps, but the focus group is a serious attempt to identify the health issues that concern us over 60s. Age UK also want us to be a part of the process that identifies the concerns. Please give Janet a call.