Monday, April 22, 2013

Education, Education, Education
= Critical Shortage of Engineers

While we are on the subject of speeches made by aspiring Labour Prime Ministers, at the 1996 Labour Party conference, Tony Blair stated that his three top priorities on coming to office were "education, education, and education". In 1997 Tony Blair became Prime Minister and he stood down in 2007 to be replaced by the then Chancellor, Gordon Brown. I think that the foundations laid during that 10 years of office and the 6 years since are sufficient to expect the policies he enacted to be bearing fruit about now.

Knowsie writes in:
At a recent public meeting with Lee Scott MP (Ilford North) and Keith Prince (Redbridge Council Leader) there were complaints about employment opportunities for school leavers during which, if I remember correctly, the subject of suitable training was mentioned. (Ed: Knowsie is correct, it was mentioned by Ayub Khan, a member of the local Labour Party)

In these days when subjects like Media Studies and other mainly worthless 'skills' seem so popular, if there is anybody left out there with an interest in pursuing a technical career with training - albeit with a media connection - this might be of interest:

It's a pity that the main picture shows somebody obviously performing an operational, rather than an engineering, rôle but perhaps that's part of the point - you just can't get the staff these days!

There is no mention of location(s) but there is still a lot of potential in the London area - not all of the BBC has moved to Salford and, as the article makes clear, this project is in collaboration with other interested parties in the Broadcast industry.
Does anybody else see the connection with the previous post? If the existing population of the UK does not wish to train (upskill or re-skill) as engineers (or anything else that actually needs doing) and take up these opportunities then it will result in a further wave of immigration and unemployment, unemployment, unemployment.


  1. When I sent the item to B21 I also copied it to my wife, as she worked for BBC Essex for several years - though not in a engineering position, I should point out. I received this reply not long afterwards ...

    '.......the BBC has a long tradition of training up broadcast engineers - but it has recently identified a gap that could affect programme making and outside broadcasts in the years to come'.

    Wonder how come it took so long for them to notice? Some of us saw the writing on the wall 10 years ago as more and more work was hived-off to incompetent contractors and decent engineers either were made redundant or left in despair as their jobs were made impossible due to penny-pinching or idiotic managers whose only interest was their own next promotion.

    I note the new apprenticeship plan leads to a degree. Well, I do hope sufficient numbers of management remember that there used to be some excellent engineers around without degrees and that possession of a 2:1 from some jumped up polytechnic does not necessarily indicate a good engineer any more than it indicates a good nurse.

  2. tony blair needs a bloooomin education education education.......cos the man still cannot see that he really should just go away,go away,go away.........