Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Anti-Social Behaviour, Harassment and Stalking – the New Laws

Here we have two Powerpoint Presentations which I have converted into PDF files for your convenience – they are bit light at 139Kb and 262Kb respectively.

The first is “Legislative Changes to tackle Anti Social Behaviour”.
In October last year, the Home Secretary announced the Community Remedy.
This will give victims of low-level crime and anti-social behaviour a say in the punishment of offenders out of court.
This means victims will get justice quickly, and the offender has to face immediate and meaningful consequences for their actions.
The second is “Know the Law: Use the Law – National Stalking Awareness Day
The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 was amended under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 to include offences of stalking for the first time on 25th November 2012.
There are now offences of both harassment and stalking in British law.
Stalking is illegal and no one should have to endure it.
Generally stalking affects twice as many women (1 in 5) as men (1 in 10) and 40% of cases involve ex-partners.

Particularly interesting is the reference out to this site where profiles of Stalking types are explained in more detail. Often stalking arises out of a severe mental illness when the perpetrator develops paranoid beliefs about the victim and uses stalking as a way of ‘getting back’ at the victim, and their behaviour is usually maintained by the fact that they are blind or indifferent to the distress of victim. Sometimes this insensitivity is associated with cognitive limitations or poor social skills consequent to autism spectrum disorders or intellectual disability.

So, prosecuting people like this under the new law doesn’t really tackle the problem. In these types of cases it is the Stalker who needs help, guidance, counselling or therapy and there is precious little of that about.


  1. The biggest glitch is that private lets to the
    Council are not covered by some of the ASB legislation.

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  4. This information is useful - I'll use it with our local NHW and see what practical things come out of it.