Sunday, March 03, 2013

Community Safety Round Up

We know that there are major changes in the way our local Police will be operating when the new arrangements are implemented shortly. Quite how this will pan out is anybody’s guess.
We also know that the London Crime Reduction Board, chaired by the Mayor, seeks to encourage the establishment of Neighbourhood Watches across London with greater support from Safer Neighbourhood Teams but recognises that while LCRB could endorse Neighbourhood Watch as a positive way of supporting safety in communities; the process needs to be a bottom up process which is led by the local authorities. (minutes 25 September 2012) (My Emphasis)
Meanwhile we are informed that MOPAC (Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime) has instructed each London borough to form a Borough wide Neighbourhood Watch Assocation. Redbridge did have one of these a few years ago, initiated by the Borough Watch Manager (a civilian employee of Redbridge Police) but it was disbanded at her request after a couple or three years. It is now being ressurected by the Borough Watch Manager and the inaugural meeting takes place at 7:30pm on the 21st March 2013 at the Old Parkonians Clubhouse on the Oakfield site (just past Redbridge Sports Centre on the left).
As I have explained to the Borough Watch Manager, community safety and crime reduction is not the sole province of “Neighbourhood Watch” – community groups, residents’ associations, park groups, pensioners groups etc all have an interest in these matters and should be included. The aim here is community engagement and it is far easier to use existing groups and channels of communication to get the message across. If you represent one such group then please pop along and have your say.
Elsewhere from the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network

Fight Back Britain
RDF are producing a new commission for BBC1 called Fight Back Britain. They'd be very interested in hearing Neighbourhood and Home Watch members stories.
The programme concentrates on the role that the public plays in helping the police fight crime. How social networks, mobile phone footage, photos, eyewitness accounts etc. can provide crucial evidence in identifying suspects and assisting in successful convictions. The highlight of each episode will be the inspiring stories of public involvement.
As well as these stories, the programme will provide advice on how members of the public can play their part in responsibly aiding the police, as well as insights into how they can keep their family and property safe. Where relevant, they also want to include on-going cases where an appeal for evidence would be useful. The series is a BBC1 prime-time commission, with a provisional transmission date from mid-July.
They are looking for past and present stories where the public (and ideally their footage) has played a key role in the case.
If you have a story on how your Neighbourhood or Home Watch group has helped Police fight crime, please contact or 020 7013 4208.
National Neighbourhood and Home Watch Awards
To celebrate and reward the outstanding work carried out by Neighbourhood and Home Watch (NHW) volunteers across England and Wales, members are invited to take part in the inaugural National Neighbourhood and Home Watch Awards, due to take place on 18th June 2013, as part of our annual NHW Week celebrations.
The awards ceremony will be hosted by the Minister for Crime and Prevention and Anti-Social Behaviour, Rt. Hon. Jeremy Browne MP, at the House of Commons.
Members, coordinators and partners are encouraged to nominate both schemes and members for up to a maximum of two awards per nominee, from a list of ten categories (click here to view a full list of award categories and criteria). Self-nominations will also be accepted.
National finalists (winners and runners up) will be invited to attend the event in London, with an additional guest of their choice (travel expenses will be reimbursed in line with the NHWN expenses policy).
All applications should be emailed to, or posted to NHWN, Beaumont Enterprise Centre, 72 Boston Road, Beaumont Leys, Leicester, LE4 1HB, by 17:00 on Thursday 28th March 2013.
For more information, and to download an award application form, please click here.

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