Friday, February 15, 2013

Introducing – Kompost for Business

One of the big problems we face today is food waste, we have covered this before on this blog. As residents our domestic waste removal is covered by the local council and is paid for out of council tax. Some councils have separate collections for domestic food waste but Redbridge does not. However, organic waste is removed from the residual waste (bin bags) at our Bio- MRF, Materials Recovery Facility, at Jenkins Lane and goes to composting. Domestic food waste is a problem but it is small potatoes compared to business.

The big problem with food waste going to landfill is from businesses. Business rates do not cover trade waste collection so businesses have to arrange it for themselves. They can choose the local council as their service provider or a private waste collection company. But there seems to be little incentive for them to recycle, especially food outlets, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets.

Here comes Kompost ….

Kompost, founded by Slough-based food waste consultant Gwen Powell, is in the running to win a free industrial unit for a year, situated in The Enterprise Quarter on the Slough Trading Estate, with a value of £28,000. According to Gwen, “The unit will be such a boost to our business and will help elevate kompost to the next level of development that will subsequently see us award franchise licences during 2013. We are hoping to utilise the unit as our head office, distribution centre and licensee training quarters”. 
Kompost provides their on-site food waste recycling systems to a growing number of customers, including Henley Business School, GSK (manufacturing site in Maidenhead), nef, Mattel, Compuware, Seacourt and Softcat. The systems convert food waste into a high-grade compost that can be used to propagate gardens, flower beds and on-site herb and salad gardens. This not only diverts the waste away from landfill but also saves the company money, in collections and disposal fees, and importantly helps meet its environmental goals.
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Our High Street does seem to have a few businesses who just might benefit from this …

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