Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crimestoppers Property Protector

Via Redbridge Crimestoppers ...

UPDATE: As can be seen from the comments there is some confusion. This is not a UV pen marker, although the liquid does show up under UV light. Each bottle of liquid contains a unique combination of microparticles so you only need to dab a small amount onto your possessions to give them your own coded ‘fingerprint’ which you register with

That ‘fingerprint’ can’t be seen by the naked eye, and is virtually impossible to remove - but police scanners can identify the particles on the spot, helping to reunite stolen items with their rightful owner.

Due to the recent level of enquiries from Neighbourhood Watch and community groups we have decided to continue to offer Crimestoppers Property Protector online at only £14.99 using discount code STAMP.

The most cost effective property protector to protect all your household processions[sic!], for ever.


Don’t fall victim, the Home Office recommends the marking and registration of your property, firstly as a deterrent against theft, and secondly to provide the police with the best opportunity to identify lost or stolen property, and to return it to its rightful owner.

You are less likely to be a victim of burglary or property theft if you take crime prevention advice and use crime prevention solutions.

Crimestoppers Property Protector is an effective low cost Police Secured by Design approved solution to deterring property theft. 
Buy Online Now...........
  • Crimestoppers Property Protector™ 5ml bottle solution
  • Warning window/door stickers
  • Mini warning labels
  • UV key fob torch - Watch your Crimestoppers Property Protector™ marked products glow under UV light
  • Includes life time registration
  • No ongoing costs
Crimestoppers Property Protector is available online at only £14.99, including delivery, using discount code " STAMP". (Available until 31st March 2013. Use discount code "stamp" when entering your details. Discount will be calculated when passed to secure payment page.)

Working in partnership with Crimestoppers Trust, Crimestoppers Property Protector is Crimestoppers first product to further their crime-fighting goals, assisting the prevention and detection of crime and the return of stolen property to the rightful owner.

A donation from every Crimestoppers Property Protector pack purchased goes to support the charity CRIMESTOPPERS.
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Harbury Lane, 
Leamington Spa,
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  1. I've been using a UV marker for decades. It didn't cost £14.99. Now where did I put my UV light pen?

    1. Well yes. You can get a UV marker in a pound shop. But this one has a unique DNA type code which identifies the owner.

    2. What a pity that such important information was missing from the Press release ...

      ... unless, of course, the Press release was (over) edited ...

      Presumably this is SmartWater, or something similar ...

      Full information would be much more helpful ...

  2. Yes, something similar, but without the annual fee.

    More info at:

  3. UV markers, all well and good, but what happens if you move house? Postcodes generally only get back to a street, not a house or an owner.

  4. If you put a line through the mark and add another which notes the
    new address, that should be evident enough if items are recovered.
    Or so Im told by a friendly officer.

  5. Have you all got non-removable screws holding your car licence plates in place? They were given away free a few years ago.

  6. Mark, re "Postcodes generally only get back to a street, not a house or an owner."

    The standard procedure is to write the PostCode followed by a space followed by the house number.

    Of course, you mansion might not have a number, in which case I think you use the first two letters of the name.

    An example for us lesser mortals is:

    IG6 2EA 140

    This uniquely identifies a specific building ...

    1. Of course the establishment across the road has a Postcode all to itself - IG6 2JP