Sunday, February 10, 2013

Capital Clean Up – Too Late

Last Tuesday 5th February I received a forwarded email containing the February Newsletter of the body Love Clean Streets/ Love Clean London. It had been received by Cllr Keith Prince, forwarded to the Partnerships Officer, then the Sustainabilty Forum officer and to me within a day. Below is one item that caught my eye and I thought I’ll post that up in a few days time. But when I looked at it today, only 5 days later, and click on the link I find that applications opened on 10th January and close on 11th February - that’s tomorrow. One would have thought that this initiative would be an ongoing process, but apparently the “Big Society” has time limits imposed upon it.

Community groups, charities, schools and small businesses can now apply for a Mayor of London Capital Clean-up grant to help tidy up a local green space or waterway. You can apply for a cash grant of between £500 - £2,000, or a Capital Clean-up Kit with all the info and equipment you need to get going.
The Capital Clean-up grant scheme is funded by the Mayor of London and supported by the Environment Agency and Groundwork London. If you're a community group, registered charity, school or small business you can apply for either a cash grant to fund clean-up activities or a Clean-up Kit that contains all the advice and equipment a group needs to get started.
Capital Clean-up is a partnership campaign led by the Mayor of London as part of his Team London volunteering programme to help Londoners green and clean our city through community engagement and participation. The campaign is now in its fifth year of helping London communities take part in the maintenance of the places where they live and work. So far, we have coordinated over 1,000 clean-up events led by community groups, members of the public and local authorities. Clean-ups have included:
  • Thames riverbank and canal clean-ups
  • Litter picks
  • Habitat restoration; and
  • Graffiti removal
For further information please go to the Capital Clean Up website:


  1. Don't be silly B21. If they give a long time in which to apply that could result in well-considered submissions leading to all the money being spent.

  2. The quickest way of cleaning up Barkingside would be to close KFC. I'm fed up with finding Colonel Sanders in my front garden.

    1. KFC in the iStreet has moved next door into what was Daphne's hairdressers. Their old premises are being refurbed as an indoor seated area. We are hoping this will alleviate the problem. We shall see ...

  3. Has the new runway been built at Fairlop yet?

    I understand that there is a squadron of pigs waiting to use it ...