Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Fair Cop?

So, yesterday evening we had the Redbridge MoPAC Consultation event. I didn’t go after feedback from previous events in other boroughs suggesting that the decisions had already been made and it was just a ‘tick in the box’ exercise. I was at the post match punditry session in the Fairlop Oak afterwards with a few people who did attend but they didn’t have much to say apart from commenting on the Wanstead and Snaresbrook councillors' evening attire.

So here’s a selection of what’s on the interwebby …

Police chiefs defend Wanstead and Woodford station closure proposals at consultation meeting – Ilford Recorder today

Police chiefs grilled over crime plan and station closures – WW Guardian today

There was live tweeting of the meeting by Lizzie Dearden of the Ilford Recorder but as she didn’t use a hash tag you will have to scroll down to find it.

Cllr Wes Streeting was also tweeting the meeting - Click! He wasn't impressed.

And from earlier:

The council leader speaks on station closures – Keith Prince

Councillors unhappy at plans to close front counters and restructure police Safer Neighborhood Teams – WW Guardian

London Assembly Member Jenny Jones is worried about transparency and accountability – Left Foot Forward

We have a new Neighbourhood Watch website – Ilford Recorder

And here’s another public relations wheeze: “Community Remedy” – Redbridge Eye - Stocks and ducking stools come to mind.

And here is the letter from the Borough Commander, Sue Williams, that appeared in the Wanstead and Woodford Guardian last week. It’s not on the net as far as I know.

click on image to enlarge

And we will round off with Inspector Gadget, always a good read if you want to know what’s really going down on the front line - on Direct Entry Superintendents.


  1. The reason why "the post match pundits" in the Fairlop Oak afterwards "didn’t have much to say" was probably because of the difficulty in getting a word in edgeways.

    1. As long as they had no difficulty in getting a round in, I'm cool ...

  2. The MoPAC proposals are likely to find their way into a strategy that has already been agreed. It will be the tactical delivery of the plans that will have to be scrutinized. Closing Wanstead and Woodford Police Stations will happen. It has been going to happen since as long ago as 2001 particularly in the case of Wanstead. It is an old building that cannot be replaced in terms of what it represents. I have never been one to think that a police station alone provides safety. It is officers and policing activity to and from it that is the visible sign of feeling secure. That could be achieved in other ways albeit it is not palatable at present. When PCSO's came about I believe there were somewhere in the region of 4500. There cost was the equivalent of about 3000 regular police officers. I remember that in 2005 Redbridge would have, from that 3000, got an extra 80 constables rather than the contingent of 120 PCSO. The direction was that the PCSO was the way forward. So SNT to be reduced to a minimum of 1PC and IPCSO. What is the maximum? Everyone else on mobile. What does that mean. The SNT was never structured right in the first place. Resourcing of an SNT should have been done on the basis of various factors that impinge on local policing needs. If that is the intention of the minimum levels there might be some advantage in it. It has to be better explained. I am not a supporter of the PCSO role. This is my explanation of why. PCSO's don't arrest, they are not trained too hence the cheaper cost than a PC. If they can't arrest they can't fill up custody suites with prisoners hence the whole of the criminal justice system doesn't become clogged. Of course they can arrest because they have the any person power. They are directed not too. One such PCSO made a really good arrest for street robbery some years ago in Ilford. When a then Senior Officer wanted to give it wide media coverage he was directed not too because they didn't want the public to believe they had such powers. I think that officer showed a lot of guts and tenacity. There is nothing too scary in the MoPAC proposals but let the Police and Public determine the way forward and keep Local Politics out of it other than as members of the public who may also be politicians.