Friday, January 11, 2013

T4T and Honey Bees

The first time I heard of T4T (Training 4 Transition) was a couple of years ago at a packed meeting in the Town Hall main chamber, when several elements of the “Big Society” were about to be evicted from the Downshall Centre to make way for E-Act to provide a new so-called “free school”. I was there because of my association with Afasic and their Youth Project was one of those evictees. That youth project has now been relocated to the Hainault youth centre and I was pleased to learn at yesterday’s T4T Annual General Meeting that they have similarly found new accomodation (with the help of the council, and quite rightly too) although they do miss the camaraderie of sharing accommodation with other similar groups and charities and the benefits that brings.

They (T4T) are now located in a building in Seven Kings Park and as part of their rental agreement look after some of the flower beds there. They also have an allotment on the old railway track off Wards Road. What do they do? Well, they provide therapy and training in the form of gardening for adults with learning disabilities hopefully leading to employment in the gardening sector. They run on a wing, a prayer and a shoestring and like most Social Enterprises are always in need of volunteers, hint! So, it was pleasing to see the Redbridge Mayor turn up for the show (the first one to accept the invite) since his theme for this year is “giving time for others” – which some people don’t seem to appreciate.

You can find out more on their website here.

So, after the AGM we had a talk about Bees from Padraig Floyd, who is a bee keeper at the Seven Kings Apiary also based at an allotment site off Wards Road. Very interesting it was too. For some reason he seemed to focus on their sexual and reproductive activities. Apparently the Queen bee uses pheromones to suppress the ability of the female bees (the workers) in the hive to produce eggs and the male bees are just there for stud purposes. And if bees get blown off course or get lost male bees are accepted into another hive without question, because Queenie needs to be fertilised, whereas female (worker) bees are only allowed in if they have a stash of nectar strapped to their thighs. I also learnt that Winnie the Poo is not too popular with Vegans, who are not supposed to eat honey.

Anyway, I purchased some of his Honey and can recommend it having had some on toast this morning for breakfast, well more like lunch for everyone else.

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  1. Thanks for coming to our AGM Alan and for including us in your blog. As a charity we depend on support like this.

    If anyone's interested in doing some volunteer work do contact us. There are lots of benefits from volunteering - not only does it make you feel good to help others it can improve your CV and help you get a job. I'm living proof of this as a month ago I got a (paid) job for a charity in Euston. My experience with T4T made all the difference and got me the job!