Wednesday, January 30, 2013

King George Hospital Update

The Quality Care Commission Report has now been published. see here.

“The whole story was on the BBC this morning about what the Care Commission called ‘ the unacceptable’ waiting times at Queens and had come to the conclusion that the hospital was under severe pressure and could not cope!

Funny, and this is the same lot who, have told us in the past that IF Queens ever does get it’s act together they would go along with closing the A&E at KGH???!!!! Good job they are running the health service and not a brewery.” That’s a quote from a local councillor.

Neil Zammett, guest speaker at our February Coffee Morning, has written a summary of the findings over on the Save King George Hospital blog – No Room at the Inn Part II - including a report of a "major internal incident".

At a glance
  • BHRUT have the worst A&E performance figures in London
  • The major incident in A&E has not been fully and openly reported
  • Bed closures are putting unsupportable pressure on patient flows
  • Problems are now being experienced by Whipps and extra community beds are being purchased
  • The commissioners have sent a ‘contract query note’ which will do little to help and will put more pressure on the Trust
  • Closing the A&E at King George is not feasible in the short term and the NHS should look for a longer term solution
Further press reports:

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Meanwhile at Whipp’s Cross …

Concern over 'crazy' plans to cut cleaning hours at Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone

Cleaning cuts at Whipps Cross Hospital defended by contractors

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  1. Nice to know that Redbridge Council and BHRUT share capabilities.