Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A very “Cross” Party Alliance

I’m really not sure where to start this post, because I don’t actually know WTF is going on with regard to our local Health Services, or come to that the Police Service or Fire Service and I could add the Education service and Banking service….

So let’s start with the basics. There are two Health campaigns going on at the moment. The first one, which we have mentioned before and started before the last Genereal Election, and for which there is [?], or was, a local cross Party alliance is the campaign to save the Accident & Emergency and Maternity facilities at King George Hospital. Latest here.

The second is a campaign to keep the National Health Service Public. As you might expect this campaign is largely led by Trade Unions and traditional Labour Party supporters. Although that does not exclude members of other parties, they might perhaps be embarrassed about or not wish to rock the boat of the present government’s privatisation of  proposals on health care.

It is very important to keep these two distinct campaigns separate in your mind.

We have been keeping tabs on both campaigns via our contacts and members, but in the case of the former it has not been an easy ride. The problem is that our local Councillors and our Members of Parliament have no jurisdiction over health matters. They merely work in “partnership” with these other agencies, as they also do with the Police and Fire Service etc.

Feedback suggests that the Council’s Health Scrutiny Committee is a toothless warrior in this battle and indeed there will be a proposal to scrap this committee at Full Council on Thursday (17th Jan). Nonetheless we will attend, possibly the last, meeting of that committee tomorrow (Wednesday 16th Jan) to see if we can shed any light on what is going on.

We also have Neil Zammett coming to our February coffee morning.

I will leave you with a piece entitled “What We Learn From Firefighters” which concludes:

"Only … direct harm from one's errors, can puncture the game aspect … and establish some form of contact with reality."

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  1. Surely, discussion is superfluous. Slippery Dave has already said "The N.H.S. is safe in our hands"
    What more could anyone want? Except, perhaps, a change of government?