Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seasons Greetings

a pre-1930s Green SantaThe committee of Barkingside 21 wish all our readers a safe and enjoyable Christmas followed by a Happy New Year. Please be extra careful on the roads, you may have left the car keys at home while attending the office party, but others may not.

Our hardcopy newsletter number 37, should be landing on doormats in early January. If you would like a printable version in either Word or PDF please email.

Any items in the newsletter that are not already published on this site will appear in due course.

And a reminder of the 6 advice sheets from last year given out by the Barkingside Crime Prevention Office

Be Safe, not sorry this Christmas
Bogus Callers
Cash Point Security
Internet Crime
Steer Clear of Car Crime
Street Wise

Oh, and if you do get a nice expensive present in your Chistmas stocking there is no need to tell all the passing burglars by leaving the carboard box outside your home …


  1. Hi to you all,
    Can I wish all of you,your families, friends, colleagues etc a very happy Christmas, a safe and prosperous New Year and very best wishes for all you do for the many readers of B21.

    John Boylin

    1. Thanks John. I hope that you and all your former colleagues from the Parks Police (who were so cruelly forced by an uncaring council out of jobs that you performed excellently for the benefit of the community) have all found new jobs. For my part I wish all of you a Peaceful Christmas and a Healthy New Year. What I wish the council would probably not be published.

  2. Morris,

    I think the term for some of us is ' between jobs . Out of work, unemployed are also other terms that might be used. I know that the majority of the former officers are in work, some I know carried on in other roles within the Council. Some Councillors made a decision others no doubt followed their principals lead. Still that was last year. Moving forward who knows. Things can only get better. When is the question and under whose guidance. I wish I knew. Best wishes. I remain an avid reader of B21. Best wishes.


  3. Dear B-21 chums

    Have a lovely time over the festive break and let us re-convene bright eyed and optimistic in 2013.

    Happy Christmas to you all.

  4. I wish you a happy Christmas and a Fantastico New Year.

    Best wishes from Angela and the Team.

  5. And a Happy Christmas to plebs everywhere.