Monday, December 24, 2012

QEII Fields in Trust
– Barkingside Recreation Ground

Remember this from March this year? Well, it’s happened.

On 18 December we celebrated the QEII Fields in Trust status being awarded to Barkingside Recreation Ground with an unveiling by the Redbridge Mayor, Cllr Javed, of a new granite plinth at the Mossford Green entrance gate.

Following this deed of dedication, the site will now be formally known as Queen Elizabeth II Field, Barkingside Recreation Ground which means that it will be a permanently protected green space for future generations to come. Open every day except Christmas Day.

More information on Barkingside Recreation Ground name change here.

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Prince, was also there and he writes about it on his blog here.


  1. Seems very good. I seem to recall that Cricklefield had a legally protected status, but they still built a school on it.

  2. Exactly, Morris. This is good news but - knowing this Council how long would that protection last?